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Re-add onCompleteAccount Member Sync Extension


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IPB 3.4 used to have the "onCompleteAccount" function in the members sync class that ran only after the account was validated and on the proper full completion of a new account. I utilized this in my Auto Welcome app to only send alerts to a member once they were fully registered and validated. Do IPS have any plans to re-add that support in the IPB4 Member Sync extension?

Right now the onCreateAccount and onValidate functions can be used but you still have cases where it's not an actual new completed account. Such as the complete display name page after a Facebook signup and the onValidate function covering both email and password resets as well.

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This topic started 6 months ago and nobody from Invision dared to say a single word.

Yes, no, whatever..

Does "Product feedback" forum make any sense?
Are we talking to a wall?

I don't want to sound rude but it sounds like ignoring this topic.

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41 minutes ago, Mike John said:

I can't speak for IPS but for my own mods, I'll be looking for an alternative next year when I've got a bit more time.

The author of the Automation Rules app@Kevin Carwile, came up with a way of handling it by attaching an extra piece of data to each member that tracks whether the group change has occurred or not, so maybe you can do something like that (or just piggyback on AR).

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