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  1. Thanks! i am in the office and here i only have Internet Explorer 11 and it is not possible to choose any reaction except the "Like". When I place the cursor over the heart the modal with the other 4 reactions appears, but if I move the cursor over one of these 4 reactions the modal dissapear, so I cannot click any of them except the Like I know IE sucks but there are still many people using it...
  2. Nice work! One question, with the new reaction systems where we have different options to choose (Like, Thanks, Haha...) all of them increase 1 reputation point, or reputation of the user only grows if you choose Like or Thanks?
  3. Thank you! I knew I have seen it somewhere lol
  4. Can anyone help me to finde where is in the control panel the option to add usernames that cannot be chosen to register an account? I have a website about cars and I would like to protect some brand names as Audi, Ford etc to be register by new users, but I have been looking everywhere in the control panel and I cannot find it. Can you please help me? Thanks!
  5. Robert this is a very common feature in every forum software. Many of us we keep the forum "open" just because it is the only way Google index our content and later one people find us in their searchs. If there would be a way to appear in google (a legal way) and keep our content hide for visitors many of us we will do it. But just to appear in google results we do not need to also show the images to visitors, so even knowing many people will just read our content and dissapear if at least we keep the images hidden we will have more chances to get a conversion from this visitor. The problem here is the IPS3 posts were saved in the database something like this: This is the text of the post bla bla bla. I put an image here: [attachment=12894759] And I finish my text here So it was easy to just remove tags [attachment=] for visitors But now in IPS4 the images are saved in plain html, like this: This is the text of the post bla bla bla. I put an image here: <img src="image.jpg"> And I finish my text here so it is not so easy to remove (apparently). We will see if it has been fixed in this new release or not...
  6. @Unlucky they also replied to me with a different response, but I have seen right now and I cannot upgrade until the weekend. This is the response: So maybe they have fixed it (very fast). If you upgrade earlier please tell me if it works.
  7. But this option worked great in ips3, I have configured the system in order to hide image attachments to visitors, and when they register in attachments turn visible. But now it is not working in ips4. I will submit a ticket too, in order to show you are not the only one with this issue @Unlucky
  8. Nop, I still do not know why it is happening but right now every guest user can see all photos. If you find how to do it please tell me because nobody is answering here...
  9. Is there a way to show a custom field in any template? I want to show one custom field (The user automovile) in the header . To show the name of the user is enough with this: {member="name"} How can I do it to show a pfield? I have tried {member="field_11"} but it is not working. Thank you!
  10. Thanks again @Woodsman. So you are saying that if I want to divide a big topic with 1.000 posts in2 different topics I have to select one by one the 500 posts to move it?? I knew this solution but I cannot belive that a software like IPS handle common administration task like this one in this way... I came from Simple Machines forum (free software) and when a topic gets so big size in posts, you can split it in different topics just selecting the post where you want to make the cut and clicking "split this topic since this post", and then you have 2 different topics. Is there any similar option in IPS and if not, how admins with big forums handle this kind of tasks?
  11. Thank you @Woodsman, but how I move these 100 messages to the other topic? I want to divide one big topic with around 200 posts in 2 different topics with 100 posts each one.
  12. How can I split a topic with around 200 replies more or less in the middle? So I will end with 2 topics of more or less 100 replies. The only option I have found when I select the post in the middle (the one it will be the first post in the new topic) it just move out of the topic this message, but the others until the end of the topic
  13. I would also like a way to do that, it has no sense to select on Category the default group each time you want to use an emoticon... If you have several sets of emoticons ok, but what is the point of this if you have (like almost everyone) just one set?
  14. ‌@Traaginen one of the best posts in this forum lol I am also waiting for these improves in the editor, for mobile and also desktop. Have you tried to edit a post with 4 or 5 bullet lists each one with 10 or 20 points? The browser almost die, but the same post in the previous IPS3 works without problems
  15. That wil be great Mike, I have like 4 or 5 register per day so it is not so much and I prefer to see if someone is asking me some doubts. If you can give me this file to make it works I would appreciate.
  16. As PM sender I have my username, the administrator name. In fact the new user receive correctly the autowelcome message as sent by the administrator account. I have been checking the database right now and what I see is: in table "core_message_topic_user_map" there is a row for the new register user but there is not a row for the administrator user (so for that reason I see now message in my account)in table "core_message_topics" the rows for autowelcome has a "1" in the column "mt_is_system" (the other "normal" message has a "0" in this column)As I said, before it works fine and I received the messages in my administrator account, but now the message is just show in the new menber account. This is not a big issue, in fact is better because now I don't have in my account houndreds of messages "Welcome to the forum!", but the real problem is sometimes the new users reply to the autowelcome message asking me something and I do not receive this reply because I cannot see the conversation. I am still using version 4.0.11, could it be the reason of this problem?
  17. Please add this function again, as he said the actual filosophy does not work properly with external log in every time
  18. In my case, i reinstall again the auto welcome app and I have configured just to send a PM to new registers in the name of the administrator of my forum. I have created a new users in my forum to test it and it works, they received the PM, but when I logg in with my admin account and I enter in my private messages I see no new conversations with these new registers. I enter in the database and I have even seen that one new user reply to the autowelcome PM but I cannot see this conversation in my account. The user is a normal one, not comming from FB or TW. Thank you.
  19. Can anyone help me? This is a quite normal option in our forums, nobody have notice how to fix it? THank you
  20. In IPS3 I dissabled the permissions for guests to Download Attachments, so they cannot see pdf, zips or images. Now in IPS4 guests has the same permissions but even when they are not able to dowload pdf's in my site they can see all photos uploaded by my users. Why? How can I do to keep the attached images hidden for guests like I used to do in IPS3? Thanks.
  21. The template is under forums-front-index-forumRow Yes of course there is a lot more code to do, it is a work for someone with at least some basic knowledge of html and php. I told you the basic way to start to code, but if you want I give you the complete code that fit to your website sorry but I don't have time for this. Also I do not want to share my template because I have inside many other modifications not related with your topic.
  22. I have not seen this section, thank you ‌@Nathan Explosion
  23. I am using 4.011 forum and I have no "Tx" buttom, why?
  24. Nobody can help with that? I have continued with my tests but I cannot make it work
  25. Is there any possiblity to force users who sign in with Fb or Tw to fill also the custom fields like other users must do with normal register? I have 2 fields that are required during register but if the user make the register with Facebook or Twitter the system never ask for these 2 fields. Is there any solution? Thanks
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