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  1. Thanks! i am in the office and here i only have Internet Explorer 11 and it is not possible to choose any reaction except the "Like". When I place the cursor over the heart the modal with the other 4 reactions appears, but if I move the cursor over one of these 4 reactions the modal dissapear, so I cannot click any of them except the Like I know IE sucks but there are still many people using it...
  2. Nice work! One question, with the new reaction systems where we have different options to choose (Like, Thanks, Haha...) all of them increase 1 reputation point, or reputation of the user only grows if you choose Like or Thanks?
  3. ‌@Traaginen one of the best posts in this forum lol I am also waiting for these improves in the editor, for mobile and also desktop. Have you tried to edit a post with 4 or 5 bullet lists each one with 10 or 20 points? The browser almost die, but the same post in the previous IPS3 works without problems
  4. That wil be great Mike, I have like 4 or 5 register per day so it is not so much and I prefer to see if someone is asking me some doubts. If you can give me this file to make it works I would appreciate.
  5. As PM sender I have my username, the administrator name. In fact the new user receive correctly the autowelcome message as sent by the administrator account. I have been checking the database right now and what I see is: in table "core_message_topic_user_map" there is a row for the new register user but there is not a row for the administrator user (so for that reason I see now message in my account)in table "core_message_topics" the rows for autowelcome has a "1" in the column "mt_is_system" (the other "normal" message has a "0" in this column)As I said, before it works fine and I received the messages in my administrator account, but now the message is just show in the new menber account. This is not a big issue, in fact is better because now I don't have in my account houndreds of messages "Welcome to the forum!", but the real problem is sometimes the new users reply to the autowelcome message asking me something and I do not receive this reply because I cannot see the conversation. I am still using version 4.0.11, could it be the reason of this problem?
  6. Please add this function again, as he said the actual filosophy does not work properly with external log in every time
  7. In my case, i reinstall again the auto welcome app and I have configured just to send a PM to new registers in the name of the administrator of my forum. I have created a new users in my forum to test it and it works, they received the PM, but when I logg in with my admin account and I enter in my private messages I see no new conversations with these new registers. I enter in the database and I have even seen that one new user reply to the autowelcome PM but I cannot see this conversation in my account. The user is a normal one, not comming from FB or TW. Thank you.
  8. I came to report the facebook names issue and also the auto message send to user who request a new password, but I have seen you are working on it so I just want to tell you thank you very much for your great work @Mike John!
  9. Conver topic titles written in uppercase to lowercase
  10. I wanted to say that imagine the guy, during his license period of 6 months, upgrade his forum to version 4.0.6. Today his license has expired, but IPS staff would not be writting him to tell him: "Ey m@t we have seen your license is expired now and during your 6 months period you upgraded the forum. Now you have to downgraded to the previous version it was available the same day you purchased the software" I want to say that you can purchase the software, upgrade so many times as new versions are available during 6 months, and when the license expire you can continue using the forum in the latest version available the very same day license expired. So if this is legal, why do not make things easy for users and allow them to get latest version of the software during his license period instead of charge them just because they forgot to make a backup of files available in the client area last day of his license?
  11. ​That is right, but it is also a little bit tricky. Everyone here pay for a software and 6 months support and updates. What happen if this guy, during his 6 months period, upgrade his forum to 4.0.6? Right now IPS would be written an email to tell him "EY EY your 6 months have expired so you have to return to the previous version it was available the same day you purchased it"? Of course not, because he would be using one version of the forum that was created during his 6 months. So having this in mind it is just a problem about how IPS want to make things easy for their users. If you are cautious and you download the latest version available the last day of your license you can use this version for years in a complete legal way but, if you forgot to download it, IPS is going to charge you a renewal just because you forgot to make a backup.
  12. That's the point, nowadays there are not many reason to have a friend in IPB more than have him in your list and see when he changes his status... We should try to give friends more possibilities.
  13. I understand both sides: - for IPB profile means a resume of the PUBLIC activity of the user in the community, so there is no reason to hide this information in the profile when it is visible in the rest of pages of the website. - but for some users, profile can include sensitive information which IS NOT SHOWN in any other part of the website but the profile. These are the custom fields administrator can add in the control panel (Which one is your religion? And your phone number?, maybe also your job position). In these cases is good to decide if I want everyone in my community see this info or just my friends. So not everything is white or black. What I suggest is to implement a profile page with a public information which cannot be hide like date of register, number of posts, last posts and topics etc and then allow to add custom fields with this privacy optons (this group of custom fields can be seen by everyone or just my friends). What I am showing here is my own profile in my own site, I have modified many things as you can see but the interesting one is the red rectangle. I have created a "Social network" group of custom fields and my users can decide if this sensitive information is shown to everyone or just to their friends, and it is an option they love it. Implement this option is really easy, I also created a custom field "privacy" with two option, allow everyone to see my social network information or just my friends. (sorry for the screenshot in spanish, this is the configuration page of my users): Then in the profile template system read the custom field "privacy" and it wrotes a condicional, if "privacy" is "just my friends" and the visitor is a friend the template shows the social network info, if not shows nothing (unless privacy is "everyone can see"). Not too much work in deed.
  14. Or you can enter in the database with phpmyadmin for example, and export it in an excel format.
  15. The message dissapear when I change from "Sent the message as private message" to "email", so now it is fine for me because in fact I prefer an email
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