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  1. @bfarber Excellent, that works well. I was worried that the underlying query would use that Topic ID, I'm glad to see it doesn't. Thanks!
  2. Over the years there have been many (many, many!) different ways of linking to specific comments. One way that used to work takes the form: {Base URL}/index.php?do=findComment&comment={comment ID} It is a tough one to map directly to a modern link because it doesn't have the Topic ID in it. I typically try to keep these old links alive by adding ModRewrite rules in .htaccess, and that particular older form was my go-to when the URL didn't contain the TID. So... fast forward to 2020, and v4.5, which no longer supports that style of link. Is there an equivalent? That is, I need a link to a post that doesn't require the topic ID (I'm trying to avoid fixing this with a custom plugin that looks up the TID, I'm hoping there is just some sort of link that I can plug straight into .htaccess).
  3. Right, but I like it! And so do many members who have commented. So I don't want to get rid of it entirely, I just want a way of better accomodating those coming to our site from smaller (but still desktop) screens. ETA: This was a response to @Daniel F Unfortunately the vast majority of topics where people will be interested in those status are many, many pages long: I personally really like the sidebar format, I'm just trying to work with my members who don't. I can sympathize with their position, so am seeking a way to help them.
  4. My community has expressed some surprise that the images in the topic popularity sidebar don't have any apparent link back to the post they came from. Clicking an image makes it larger, but there's no indication of who posted it, when, or where. I think a link under the image, maybe with a "Posted Yesterday by Joe Bob" would be a welcome addition.
  5. I've had several members (I'd guess on laptops) complain about the wasted space from the new popularity sidebar in the topics. It would be nice to either have an ACP-configurable (e.g. without wading into the CSS) option to disable it under a certain width independent of device type, or even better, simply allow individual users to close or collapse it.
  6. In the mobile version of the interface? How are you getting to it?
  7. The recent upgrade to 4.3 has aggravated a few of my power users because in the mobile version of the site there is no way to search within a particular topic. Since roughly 65% of my users are coming in on some type of mobile device, it would be great if there were a way to provide that feature.
  8. Hi Stuart - Two things: first, when I try to sort the statistics lists it always sorts by Member Name, regardless of which column I click on. Sorting by Disabled date would be very handy in diagnosing issues. Second, and the reason this comes up, is that from time to time one of SendGrid's IP addresses ends up on some sort of spam blacklist. It typically gets resolved within a couple of days, but any member whose email provider uses those blacklists and gets enough mail from us cannot log in anymore without changing their email address. I wonder if there is a way of catching that particular type of bounce and giving them a separate message (and still allowing them to log in). As an alternative, would you be willing to add a setting (either via the interface or something more deeply hidden) that doesn't outright require an email address change in these cases? I can support such a development financially if necessary. Chris Hennes, eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters
  9. Right now it seems like the advanced tool to mass-add tags is ignoring the setting to turn off searching the first post, if I'm understanding it correctly. What I want is to only do the search on the topic titles, but it seems to be returning results based on the title and the first post, even when I've toggled the "first post" switch to off.
  10. When you promote images, on FB those images appear to be getting added to albums with random (MD5?) names, which causes awkward Likes there, e.g. a notification that It would be nice if we could set our own album names (even if you had to add a timestamp at the end to make them unique, if internally you need that).
  11. A suggestion -- right now in 4.2 reaction notifications just state that "so and so reacted" -- it would be great if the notification was "so and so reacted with 'Thanks'" or something like that. Probably too small to be its own plugin, but it might be a good fit here.
  12. When we upgraded to 4.2, suddenly this plugin became incredibly slow. Any idea what's going on?
  13. Sometime recently either Google started storing our pages differently, or the software started handling degenerate or old-style URLs differently. I am getting links out of Google in the form: https://forums.egullet.org/index.php/topic/142948-people-who-just-cant-get-a-meal-ready-on-time/?&hl= late Notice the index.php and the weird query string at the end. I don't understand how to write an .htaccess rule to correct these to the modern canonical form (e.g. to strip out the index.php part, and to convert that hl into the correct form for a highlight.) Can anyone help out with this?
  14. Our solution was to remove the delete option entirely and tell mods to move the topics to the trash (for the few things that we didn't want to use "hide" for instead).
  15. I was thinking of each forums post as a document, no? The API certainly made it look like CloudSearch was what I was looking for. Use the PID as the unique identifier of each record, attach a text field to it for the post, an int for the author, a text array for the tags, a date field for the post date, and an array of permissions data. I don't see how to do anything like that in ElasticSearch.
  16. Has anyone out there tried to build an Amazon CloudSearch integration into their forums? We've been using a Google Custom Search for a while, and while it gives better results than fulltext, they still aren't great (particularly due to pagination and lack of the ability to change the weighting of various fields). Invision has indicated that they may add an AWS CloudSearch integration feature in the future, but software development being what it is I'm not going to hold my breath for seeing it this decade , search is not one of their priorities. It is, however, one of mine! I've got fifteen years worth of posts that don't fit into the usual "the most recent is the best" model typical of other forums. Google site search gives excellent results for our public forums, but doesn't help with private at all, and doesn't know anything about pagination so when the hit is in the topic title you get every individual page as a result. Obviously not ideal!
  17. What I really miss is stemming. When we ran a Sphinx server in 3.x we had stemming turned on, which greatly improved search result quality. We experimented with both a standard English morphology as well as Soundex and Metaphone. I'd really have preferred even better Sphinx integration because I would also like to weight results so that a title hit was better than a post content hit, etc. People are used to Google-quality results, and a fulltext search just doesn't give that.
  18. Short term, that's probably it, but in the longer term Lindy (or someone else on the staff here?) has mentioned that they are considering adding things like bounce detection, like what the Mandrill Bouncer app does now.
  19. Your very first technique was the right one, except that in Invision's software "Split" works by taking all checked posts and splitting them off. So to do what you want you have to check every single post from the one you want on, then click Split.
  20. Double-check your email username in the ACP -- it is NOT your SparkPost username, it's "SMTP_Injection".
  21. Just for the record, we migrated to SparkPost last night -- the whole process only took about fifteen minutes to set up, and they are now offering 100k emails per month for free in an attempt to grab Mandrill's discards.
  22. How do I set who the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page actually sends that contact to?
  23. So, in the ACP, System->Applications shows Pages with the green "enabled" tag next to it? But in the ACP left-hand sidebar you don't see an icon for it? Is that the situation?
  24. Yes - Invision's software doesn't really support the concept of a "split", despite using that terminology at times. What they have is "move" where you can move the posts to a new topic, or integrate them into an existing one.
  25. 1 - Once you've got your certificate installed at your host, you will likely want to edit your .htaccess (or local equivalent) to do the redirection. With Apache mod_rewrite that might be something like: RewriteCond %{ENV:HTTPS} !on [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://your.site.here/$1 [R,L] 2 - If you allow external images, you will probably want to enable the "Serve images from local server" option in the ACP. 3 - Check conf_global.php for any lines that reference the old http protocol and update them to https. 4 - If you are using a non-standard SSL port (e.g. not 443) you need to add this line to constants.php define( 'SSL_PORT', Your weird port here ); 5 - Make sure you are using the correct https URLs for things like Facebook, Google, etc. when they embed content into your site. This should be automatic, but keep an eye on it. That should be everything - Invision's software should detect that it is being served over an HTTPS connection and adjust accordingly.
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