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Enhanced Joined Date

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I don't have the tools to capture video on my Mac (that I know of anyway) so here's 2 screen shots:


Then mouse even near the -> and get this:



It only happens on that user's post, but I can go down the list and it'll happen on all of them.



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You're right, interesting.  On my work Lenovo using FF, it doesn't happen.

But with both Chrome and Safari on my MacBook, it does.  Firefox on the Mac works like it should, no problem.  So it's just Safari and Chrome.

​I'll take a look but it only adds a string via template that comes from a function. I don't see why it wouldn't work on Mac.

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For me it actually shows the joined date twice. Once above the group Icon and once below it. Any idea why?


EDIT: actually I removed the mod that shows how many followers you have in topic and now your mod works just fine, the followers one never worked for me anyways. Thanks.

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