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  1. @Martin A. Thank you, just loaded it up, so far looks good, I'll let you know if it throws any errors.
  2. I am getting that as well #0 /home/whadmin/public_html/system/Member/Member.php(145): IPS\_Session::i() #1 /home/whadmin/public_html/system/DateTime/DateTime.php(514): IPS\_Member::loggedIn() #2 /home/whadmin/public_html/system/DateTime/DateTime.php(459): IPS\_DateTime::determineLanguage(NULL) #3 /home/whadmin/public_html/applications/calendar/sources/Date/Date.php(201): IPS\_DateTime->strFormat('%S') #4 /home/whadmin/public_html/applications/calendar/sources/Date/Date.php(168): IPS\calendar\_Date->getDateInformation(1538352421) #5 /home/whadmin/public_html/applicat
  3. nylyon

    New: Clubs

    This will certainly be useful on my forum, thank you!
  4. Upgraded PHP and MariaDB to the latest (7.1.1 and 10.1.21) the installed the latest Member Map. Receiving this error when accessing the MAP application: Fatal error: Cannot use lexical variable $k as a parameter name in /home/...../public_html/applications/membermap/sources/Map/Map.php on line 386 Edit: Looks like the issue is with PHP 7.1, it works on PHP 7.0
  5. I've just installed. Will this go in and display history, or just items from now going forward? Currently I don't see anything in the Mail Bouncer.
  6. I have a technical forum, so search is used by members to get help for their technical questions. A suggestion came up to sort the search results by most views, with the thought being that the most helpful topic would likely contain the best answer or be most on target to answer the question.
  7. In a members gallery, they have it set to sort by title. When initially viewing the gallery it is a descending sort... 9, 8, 7, 6.... If a user overrides this sort to sort by date, then changes back to sort by title it sorts ascending.... 1, 2, 3, 4..... I entered in a ticket and was told this is not a bug, so my question is does anyone find this feature useful? I find this inconsistent. Additionally, it would be great to have the ability back for members or admins to choose the sort order, descending or ascending.... Part 2, would anyone know how to fix this manually by ed
  8. Just an opinion on the Search functionality. I am sure that the removal of Sphinx was a decision which received a lot of thought, but the native search functionality is really deficient and something needs to be done. One of the primary purposes of a forum is the archival and retrieval of unstructured data. Because it's unstructured, the search function plays a primary role in the retrieval of information based on criteria. I won't pretend to know the challenges of implementing a robust search, however in my simplistic opinion I should be able to search for something like "IPS 4.1.6
  9. I like the idea of having members able to create little status messages, so much that I enabled the widget on the sidebar so they can do sully things like say "thinking of snow" or "feeling great". What I see happening though, is other members wanting to PM them, clicking on their name and being presented with an area where they can "leave a message on <members> feed" where they are using that as though it's a personal message. It would be great if we were able to disable that, or make bury it in a menu somewhere so that the PM system is the first choice for leaving members message
  10. Thank you for updating for 4.1. The member ID is visible to admins, however not for members, is there a permissions setting?
  11. This and the member number are 2 of my favorites, but they stopped working in 4.1 any chance to update them?
  12. Fantastic attention to detail, Sherri's skins / themes are pure art and first class. Holiday themes are second to none.
  13. Been waiting for this... I just installed and am having a question / request: Can the secondary icon be moved under the primary? See screen snapshot, it would be great if the 2 icons were together.
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