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  1. Google Adsense gives a policy error when serving ads on the login page. Can ads be omitted from the login page to satisfy Adsense?
  2. I didn't realize that, I like Adriano's way far better though, seems to me that admins in the ACP should be able to remove the member from following topics. This is helpful when they leave and cite the forum as spam.
  3. The issue is that this member signed up via Facebook and must have deleted his facebook account. When I went to sign in as the member, I was brought to a login screen not the members account.
  4. Hi Pete and Adriano! I think Adriano's plugin may be the answer for me, going to give that a shot. I had tried to change the notification preferences but that didn't change if the member was receiving a daily notice in email for followed content. I appreciate the responses and both of your efforts!
  5. I have a member who is inactive and their email address is no longer valid. I would like to remove them from following topics and forums, but am not able to do so. They had signed up with FaceBook and that connection is no longer valid and I am not able to log in as them from the ACP. How can I remove them from following without deleting their account?
  6. My "Members" group is currently group #3. I've created a new group called "Ranger" and I would like to make this the default group. I can do that with the following: $INFO['member_group'] = '3'; to $INFO['member_group'] = '23'; Question is, the ONLY thing I want to change is the default registration group, will there be any other side effects by making the above change?
  7. Is there a way to disable guests from viewing member profiles? Been searching in the ACP and can't seem to find it. Also a way for an individual to disable their activity from being displayed when someone visits their profile?
  8. nylyon

    Member Map

    @Martin A. Thank you, just loaded it up, so far looks good, I'll let you know if it throws any errors.
  9. nylyon

    Member Map

    I am getting that as well #0 /home/whadmin/public_html/system/Member/Member.php(145): IPS\_Session::i() #1 /home/whadmin/public_html/system/DateTime/DateTime.php(514): IPS\_Member::loggedIn() #2 /home/whadmin/public_html/system/DateTime/DateTime.php(459): IPS\_DateTime::determineLanguage(NULL) #3 /home/whadmin/public_html/applications/calendar/sources/Date/Date.php(201): IPS\_DateTime->strFormat('%S') #4 /home/whadmin/public_html/applications/calendar/sources/Date/Date.php(168): IPS\calendar\_Date->getDateInformation(1538352421) #5 /home/whadmin/public_html/applications/membermap/extensions/membermap/Mapmarkers/Calendar.php(127): IPS\calendar\_Date->__construct('now', NULL) #6 /home/whadmin/public_html/applications/membermap/extensions/core/Queue/RebuildCache.php(123): IPS\membermap\extensions\membermap\Mapmarkers\_Calendar->getLocations() #7 /home/whadmin/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(47): IPS\membermap\extensions\core\Queue\_RebuildCache->run(Array, 0) #8 /home/whadmin/public_html/applications/core/tasks/queue.php(43): IPS\_Task::runQueue() #9 [internal function]: IPS\core\tasks\_queue->IPS\core\tasks\{closure}() #10 /home/whadmin/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(347): call_user_func(Object(Closure)) #11 /home/whadmin/public_html/applications/core/tasks/queue.php(55): IPS\_Task->runUntilTimeout(Object(Closure)) #12 /home/whadmin/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(248): IPS\core\tasks\_queue->execute() #13 /home/whadmin/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(217): IPS\_Task->run() #14 /home/whadmin/public_html/applications/core/interface/task/task.php(62): IPS\_Task->runAndLog() #15 {main} I have over 4000 markers
  10. nylyon

    New: Clubs

    This will certainly be useful on my forum, thank you!
  11. nylyon

    Member Map

    Thank you, works perfectly!
  12. nylyon

    Member Map

    Upgraded PHP and MariaDB to the latest (7.1.1 and 10.1.21) the installed the latest Member Map. Receiving this error when accessing the MAP application: Fatal error: Cannot use lexical variable $k as a parameter name in /home/...../public_html/applications/membermap/sources/Map/Map.php on line 386 Edit: Looks like the issue is with PHP 7.1, it works on PHP 7.0
  13. I've just installed. Will this go in and display history, or just items from now going forward? Currently I don't see anything in the Mail Bouncer.
  14. I have a technical forum, so search is used by members to get help for their technical questions. A suggestion came up to sort the search results by most views, with the thought being that the most helpful topic would likely contain the best answer or be most on target to answer the question.
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