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  1. I've installed the latest plugin but it's still not working. Stig
  2. Hi, I'm working on a solution where I need both open non-premium articles and premium articles that the user need to pay for on the same front page as seen on the attachment. To have this working I need to use blocks, but that introduce a major problem for me: The article thumbs can't be ordered the way I want using article weight. The only way I can order the article is by editing the "recently updated" number in the database. The sorting options like "recently updated", "title", "most commented", "start date", "most viewed" are obviously not a good solution if I simply need to put lets say the first article between article number six and seven. Any change you can implement a solution for this any time soon? I find this very restricted today. Thanks, Stig
  3. The images are extremely fuzzy / low rez
  4. Any sites using this plugin that I can see? Are you guys happy with it? Best, Stig
  5. Thank you! What do you mean by the last sentence? I'm not a coder so I don't understand. What should I say to the programmer? Best, Stig
  6. Thank you very much for your input! The images are under 50kb, is that heavy? And they are 305x205. Best, Stig
  7. www.ludvikaleksander.no/test Still in progress. I appreciate very much any feedback. Thanks. Stig
  8. Hi. I would love to hear your thoughts on what forum features available as blocks you would recommend to integrate in the forum solution, and why. Appreciate any thoughts. Stig
  9. Hi. What is your personal preference regarding having blocks visible on the mobile site on the side of the forum? It takes place and makes the main forum solution smeller. What do you think? Stig
  10. Hi, any good reasons to integrate the chat solution in the community? I cant think of a reasons why we should not keep all the discussions in the open forum? Stig
  11. Hi, Can I ask you guys to post some site running IP Board Forums? I want to see what is possible. Best, Stig
  12. Marketplace Forum is greyed out. Why is that? Stig
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