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Enhanced Joined Date

Adriano Faria

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2 minutes ago, RoleplayUK said:

@All Astronauts for me the date in author panel on topics is showing at the bottom, I want to move this up but cannot remember how to do this.

Many Thanks in advance

i don't believe you can with this you could back in 3.4.x but not in 4.x.x as will depend on the author where placed the hook to.

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I am using IPB 4.3.6 with the latest version of this plugin. just noticed on members accounts that have been removed and there comments/topics have been left on the forum. They now appear as guest but the join date is todays date? can the join date be removed for deleted or guest accounts?

Some of these accounts where created back in 2005 but still show join date as today ? example below...……..

Thank you



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17 minutes ago, All Astronauts said:

Version 8 released!

  • Fixes spelling error in plugin ACP settings.
  • Removed tooltip/title attributes (unnecessary)
  • No longer displays any joined date if member was deleted but content was retained.

That was quick, thank you...……….but

just tried the new release but the joined date now does not show on any member, tried updating, tried uninstall and re-install but does not show with version 8.

gone back to version 7 as this on works, except for the guest issue

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Just great. 🤗
Two comments.

The Euro-Style somehow always displays the english time format. And the Euro-Style is always "Joined since" Style.
The original request aimed to the "regular format" for example "joined 10. August 2018".

Maybe you can do a little tuning here, that would be perfect. Thank you again.

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Great plugin, Exactly what I needed.
But there is an issue, we're using a non-english language pack and for some reason the month name doesn't get translated (It is translated when shown in the user profile and all the month names appear to be translated in the ACP).

A fix for that would be much appreciated!


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