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    Cool theme. Love the multiple options on switching backgrounds and colors.
  1. Did you ever find out ? I just started the archive process myself for the first time and other than checking the table I assigned for the archive grow I don't have any way of knowing it is working. Also does it create a section for the archive posts ?
  2. Recently upgraded to 4.5 a couple of days ago with no issues and today I happened to notice two sections are now showing "No posts here yet". Users can go in to the sections and see posts fine but the latest posts are not showing up on the main forum page. This happens with different users, themes and browsers. I've looked around at permissions on these two and didn't see anything unusual and I haven't made any changes to them. Anyone have this happen or might know where I can look ?
  3. @docLike the Theme so far but I'm having some issues: First with the site logo. No matter what size it tends to bleed out of the box. Second..if you only have one social link how do you remove to two remaining boxes ? Third...we noticed the thread stats when set to display on the first post are now not showing:
  4. How do I reduce the amount of Staff people to display ? I see 4 buttons but would like to make it only two ? Also would like to reduce the amount of links or remove them entirely.
  5. Same here. I'd really want the ability to prune posts.
  6. @doc Thank you for the update. I uploaded the latest version but I noticed the FORUM STAFF LEADERBOARD ACTIVITY SEARCH links don't work outside the main page. If I go into another section the links they fail to work. Also if I don't have the leaderboard turned on how can I remove it and in the postbit how can I remove Member ID and Warns ? Thank you.
  7. Is it still not compatible ?
  8. There is a member list but the duplicate info isn't displayed right in front of them like your list does. When I had a vbulletin board some years ago they had a mod that created a thread in a selected session with the member and his duplicate id. The mods loved it.
  9. Duplicate Member Logger request: Did a search and didn't see this but would like the ability to have the app create a thread in a specific forum so mods can see a list of the guilty user and his Alt ID. Unless I am missing something only admins can view this ?
    Seems to work well. Would like a feature to have it create a thread in a desired forum so mods could see the user list and their alts.
  10. I looked around but I am not talented enough to figure this out. Is there a way to display the custom emojis first and then show the standard ones ?
  11. Has anyone tried this on 4.4 ?
  12. When you choose non-fluid the FORUM STAFF LEADERBOARD ACTIVITY SEARCH menu doesn't adjust. Neither does the logo in the left which I don't have in this shot. Is there a way I can remove the social media icons at the top left ? Also, in the member postbit duplicates the members title in the rank field and shows others I don't want. Is there a way to change those ? I tried making it a child of another theme but nothing changed.
    Great theme and responded quickly to questions.
  13. Had another new account sign up but this time I found an inactive member by searching the IP. Is it possible to have it show the duplicate account on the notification ?
  14. That's what I have in there right now.
  15. I looked at the spam prevention settings but don't see an option for it do delete accounts.
  16. Dumb question...I have two new members who signed up who showed up as duplicate IP's but when I look them or the IP's reported up I don't see any other members listed with that IP. Am I missing something ?
    Thank you for this ! Hated when people would quote extra long posts.
  17. Both widgets give the same error. I'll look around my CHM and see if I can find the setting for that.
  18. I am receiving a "There was an error loading the RSS feed. Please check your settings and try again." on the widget. I tried 3 different channels including and keep receiving the same error. Any ideas ?
  19. When I turn the app off to set which groups can view the stats and turn it back on the permissions resets back to all.
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