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Best Cache Method ?


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In the advanced configuration part of the admincp we can make some changes for the data storage

1) What should we choose between file system / MySQL Database ? what is the difference ?

2) What cache method should we choose between the 6 listed ? is there one by default i can try or do i have to install something on the server first ?

3) For the cache guest page, i cant activate it, it asks to send a constants.php, i did it and validated, but nothing changes, it stills shows "desactivated" 

Tx for your help, as we would like to make the forum faster (4-5s to load a page on a powerful server at the moment)

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Hi Charlie,

what improved my server response time to 0.46 sec: upgrade to php 5.5, use memcached (no difference in caching guest pages).

For changing the caching you would need to upload the new constants.php per ftp in the root dir.

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He is using php 5.4, so he must install Zend Opcache and then enable it in php.ini

Wincache is for Windows Machines. The only one that can match Memcached performance is Redis, but i personally prefer Memcached. Also Invision can cache Guest Pages for Memcached.

PS: You are using php 5.4.36, i suggest you to update to 5.4.39.

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1 hour ago, Lenny Warren said:

Sorry for the page resurrection, but why use zend opcache + memcache at the same time? I didn't know that was an option???

@Lenny Warren

Zend Opcache speeds up code (PHP) access and memcached speeds up data (MySql) access. They are two different animals that compliment speeding up websites. I picked Memcached because it can also be enabled in my ad server (revive-adserver) and other stuff I have on my server. I added more memory though because those utilities do require more memory. But if you already have enough you are good to go. For some reason I did not enable Zend so I hope to find out why. 

Ok, so I am not using Opcache because I have Xcache enabled so I still have access to my favorite beers. Opcache and Xcache are not compatible.

It appears so far that Opcache is better than Xcache so what @ASTRAPI said is good gouge. Guess I'll do a switch...


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