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  1. Hi @HeadStand, thank you so much, the unsubscribe link works like a charm now. Best regards Ralph
  2. Hi @HeadStand, could you please help me concerning the problem with the unsubscribe link? More and more people are complaining, that the unsubscribe link doesn't work because it doesn't show a results page. Best regards Ralph
  3. Hi @HeadStand, the issue with the content is also fixed running the support tool. Maybe it was because I already installed an older version of the newsletter. Everything is working now, but I get complains that the unsubscribe link doesn't work. Actually testing it myself it works. But when clicking on unsubscribe not beeing logged into the board, it will redirect to the main page. Would it be possible to show a confirmation message or redirecting to a special page when clicking on unsubscribe? Best regards and thank you for this great App Ralph
  4. Hi, the issue has resolved going through the support tool and fixing the database. Best regard Ralph
  5. Hi @HeadStand, thank you for this great App. I have a problem publishing the newsletter, stating, that the issue_id cannot be null. It happens, if I go to "manage content" and then click on publish newsletter. As I understand, I have to "publish the newsletter" before it gets send out automatically? Could you please help me? What I also noticed, is that if I add more then one content (in manage content) it will only show the last added content. The newsletter itselfs includes the other contents. INSERT INTO `newsletters_queue` ( `issue_id`, `email`, `format`, `ha
    Great App which integrates very well in the whole IPS-Suite. There are a lot of details and it seems to be very robust. Thank you very much for this @Adriano Faria
    Just what I was looking for search: preview / autocomplete, 3 letter search, incomplete words and much more.
  6. Hi, amazing app. I have a problem with the email which can be send. It shows the wrong username and no email content. I also tried to login into your support board with the credentials from IPS, but it didn't accept these. How can I register for your support board? best regards ralph
  7. I would suggest to be able to make a wildcard-search as default: e.g. instead of searching for "searchword*" (with the asterik" at the end) to show the same results when typing "searchword" without the asterik? On my website people are searching a lot abbreviations e.g. "reha" instead of "Rehabilitation".
    Nice plugin, works very well. Users who register e.g. through facebook or google are reminded to complete their profile.
    Perfect for increasing members
  8. Hi DawPi,

    thank you for your great work.

    I send you a pm but I is marked unread.

    What is the best way to get support or give feedback about your work?


    1. DawPi


      Hello, mail me on biuro[at]ipslink.pl ^_^

  9. Thank you @Ryan H. for updating this plugin. I changed the tag cloud template to use a friendly url for tags: <a href="/tags/{$urlEncodedTag}" title="{lang="find_tagged_content" sprintf="$tag"}" style='font-size:{expression="round(($info['scale']*225)+75)"}%;line-height:1;margin:0 5px;' class='ipsField_yesNo'> Maybe google will honor it :-)
  10. Hi Ryan, having the same problem I have two plugins installed touching the forums: [tek] Post anonymously Notify me of Replies enabled I'll try to disable them and check if the error still occurs.
  11. Thank you ryan for looking into the ex2 error. If you need access to the board, just send me a pm. I have seen that tag cloud is using the template system, so I was able to add the ips_break class there: {{if ( $displayMode == 'cloud' )}} <div class='ipsPad_half ipsWidget_inner ipsStyle_center ipsType_break'> {{foreach $tags as $tag => $info}}
  12. Thank you ryan for looking into the ex2 error. If you need access to the board, just send me a pm. I have seen that tag cloud is using the template system, so I was able to add the ips_break class there: {{if ( $displayMode == 'cloud' )}} <div class='ipsPad_half ipsWidget_inner ipsStyle_center ipsType_break'> {{foreach $tags as $tag => $info}}
  13. Hi Ryan, thank you for looking into this. This is my log-file when creating a new Forum while enabled the application: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 04:16:07 +0000 (Severity: 2) - https://www.teramed.de/admin/?adsess=86r09i6ho0kvnqelt2f2r169s6&app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&do=form ErrorException 2: Parameter 1 to IPS\forums\_Forum::form() expected to be a reference, value given #0 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::errorHandler(2, 'Parameter 1 to ...', '/var/www/vhosts...', 109, Array) #1 /var/www/vhosts/teramed.de/httpdocs/init.php(434) : eval()'d code(109):
  14. When trying to add a forum (category) I receive an EX2-Error, when deactivation the application I can add a forum/subforum...
  15. I rebuild the search index this morning and the seach for the changed tag word works now.
  16. If I change my tags "qualitätsmanagement (qm)" to "qualitätsmanagment (qm) arztpraxis" the search system will not find anything when clicking on the tag in the tag cloud, Do I need to rebuild the search index after changing tags?
  17. Please try it again, then send me recently modified log files (from uploads/logs). That's not an error I can reproduce. Hi, I do find this in upload/logs/latest.php: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 18:07:53 +0000 (Severity: 2) - https://www.teramed.de/admin/?adsess=un7bunc13evn1qi0825s2n5rl7&app=advancedtagsprefixes&module=manage&controller=tools&do=rebuild IPS\Db\Exception 3065: Expression #1 of ORDER BY clause is not in SELECT list, references column 'teramed.core_tags.tag_id' which is not in SELECT list; this is incompatible with DISTINCT #0 /var/w
    Great Add-on. Works smooth and did boost posting on my forum. Thank you for this.
  18. User behaviour has changed since a few years: people expect that every in depth information should be free and easy to access, constantly pushed to the user. Very few are investing some effort to find and access them. Coming to the part "interaction", people tend to ask "what's my personal gain?". Just helping other people by sharing information and opinions is not an option for most users. It's like little kids: you can teach them to play alone, play with you or you play the clown. In this process you have to teach internal and external motivation. Facebook is easy to register, easy
    This is a really useful and neat add on ! It works like a charm, you can mass edit tags easily and display a nice tag cloud! Thumbs up for this great work!
  19. Hi, if I try to use the "rebuild Cache" it throws an EX3065 error
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