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Status Updates posted by Pete T

  1. Daughter number 2 is due any day 

    1. Pete T

      Pete T

      My second baby born today at   4.25am 23/01/15

  2. Magic after few days got 3.4.x upgrade to 4.0.x

  3. DBS "why did government make harder the CRB system worked"

  4. Free Hooks/Apps becoming paid where has world come to !!

    1. Makoto


      I hear you comrade!

  5. Cleancut 3.4.6 Coming Soon

  6. Invisioneers - To Return.

  7. I am away to the 06/01/13

  8. Sign Out - Will back Online 27/12/12 so leave PM

  9. Need hit reward button for my health..

  10. Classic Blue v 3.2.0 Out..

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    2. AndyF


      Not quite out yet here. You have a PM Pete. :)

    3. Lewis P

      Lewis P

      Saw it on Invision Focus - I'll still carry on with the update - it's not what I thought

    4. Gaffney


      yeh it's not the classic blue skin from ipb 2.

  11. www.invisiontweaks.com re open

  12. Been using IPB for over 2yrs now and know how to add mods to 2.0.x +

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