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  1. Its been submitted just waiting for MP to approve
  2. Version 1.0.4


    This plugin allows back to top to be added to your site it has few settings.


  3. @GrooveOnBeat As there currently no back to top in the Marketplace i will be uploading my own and be ready soon.
  4. will look this in moment see if already one if not i make one for the marketplace.
  5. The current Mind theme not been updated to 4.4.x is only 4.3.x and is the theme hidden guests ? so see why logo to right more then should be
  6. I would like to change distance with logo to social media icon. Can you help me to do this? "Yes this easy to sort out" And I add a lot of status in my profiles, but I cant see status in header, why? "is this 4.3.x or 4.4.x ? "
  7. The owner has left building app/plugins for ips but i have taken over all the files but there small issue with me official taken over the files here so i sort you out privately the long list of there files they sent me.
  8. Prefix has changed so will need updating to 4.4.x
  9. https://www.invisionfocus.com is live preview site.
  10. i have live site now up and running also this now ready for 4.4.x
  11. I am sorry say the download can't be paid for here i have taken over all files but due to issue out my control i can't transfer files here so selling privately at moment to i can resolve the problem.
  12. This will be updated to 4.4.x please do NOT use to we done update.
  13. No update needed for 4.4.x
  14. This works with 4.4.x but please note only shows on front end of notifications will look at adding to Admin CP at later stage.
  15. no update needed for 4.4.x
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