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  1. No updated need for 4.4.x
  2. No updated need for 4.4.x
  3. No updated needed for 4.4.x
  4. No update needed for 4.4.x
  5. No also added so if choose add support topic after making download in 4.4.x beta 4
  6. not sure if noticed but ips have added this into downloads not sure if much difference between the to.
  7. I not saying would be lots time required in ips making the dark theme as said as using standard core functions so would limit issue but i very sure will require small amount update during the upgrade cycle would it help if third party would bring out dark theme for free based on the basic standard theme ?
  8. when 4.4.x is finial he has said above not supporting during beta
  9. I see where coming from trust me but for years ips always had one theme the light version but when we moved to 4.x.x they did have dark theme just come with no support so please could use it for help on making a dark version, maybe might support second version but i would hold my breath i do have the dark version that was here but i not sure if been removed as can't find it.
  10. I can't see IPS launch official theme that dark as would require support during the updates and as see always busy doing the updates it would be best look two option one build your own using the tools provided or look at the third party route.
  11. No your not understanding i bet theme so far support 4.3.x and not 4.4.x because this is only beta because your error could be flag up as not been updated to support a beta.
  12. I would not install on 4.4.x as its beta and unless this never updating his themes during beta then your going get error message.
  13. I like does highlight the author but why so much space its same in applications so much space for that small info.
  14. I take it host has no backup some host do but might be old but might get back up and online.
  15. Correct unless pay for renewal this why need keep copy of current files you using on backup drive or storage on harddrive, I do feel your pain been once and learnt how make sure never happened again but you would be aware if don't pay renewal that can't access any current files or updates.
  16. Sadly the renewal per 6 months includes downloading current files as well its covers support as well if find that cost to much look cloud plans.
  17. If info greyed out would mean need renew for another 6 months this allows you then download any new updates or change your domain if need to i hope that helps, if you already paid the renew then support ticket better option vs here as might be issue with the way paid might take few days to progress.
  18. This plugin has been tested on 4.4.x so no issues been found and confirm working so far.
  19. so in past version we gone from this look. to this look in 4.4.x not sure why as this looks odd yeah good see that view who dev is etc but takes up so much space.
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