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  1. If current customer had this theme please send me PM
  2. Version 1.9

    1 download

    Light theme that work with latest IPS Community the third theme in the Oblivion series with blue focus.


  3. this been updated now to change new layout.
  4. I never closed a site but been part of buy out eg buying the site that closing down, in terms of license etc IPS advise not to give over details but to transfer license over to new account, not sure if this still case but one ticket to staff would solve. As for data if sold off this is new tricky part many customers might not like there data transfer to new owner but then again might like it if the site active and busy, as for archive the site what does this solve ? Still need keep hosting and domain paid so buying for site that will sooner later drop off google ranks. You need look at why are closing the site question is because visitor numbers and posts stopped? If so why ! Is because another site better ? Or social media replacing the market ?
  5. i would really call its custom more tweaked but that my own view.
  6. cancel what just side lol i can make max 4 like so and if have 3 one area so like my image above.
  7. Yeah noticed I log off my desktop but I get update before weekend but can send me screenshot of the theme purcase to my PM so I can add you to the file, then will not need rebuy the theme again.
  8. Oh sorry for moment i thought talking about something else yes i can make update so have look easier for your members find category like this
  9. From looks the images unless mistaken looks more like css changes that can be done if have understand on how to find the correct css tags using items like chrome inspect tool or firefox version of inspect tool.
  10. No i have no contact with @Heosforo and reason why guessing he left due to fact no files been updated in over year now.
  11. left IPS i believe and there site is parked
  12. Ah and never used for ads system but html widget should allow display it.
  13. OOTB Advertisement Tags? <--- what is this ?
  14. Not like your photo nope but its lines up nearly same if look over at https://invisionfocus.com and select theme dropdown you see footer there give better view.
  15. i have updated now to 1.0.4
  16. Ok i taken look and seem way IPS built the club activity unless wrong is using core php files vs template itself so not sure i can even get around this so unsure why gone down that route because no settings turn it on or off.
  17. Yeah I made error and need fix it it will be updated shortly.
  18. test it and let me know if have any issues.
  19. This support topic for Oblivion dark theme with blue focus If current customer had this theme please send me PM
  20. Version 3.3


    A very modern clean dark theme to all kinds of sites, eye friendly good for people don't like light themes also has great footer.


  21. It's fine dont worry I thought was me going mad because I know @Daniel F be helpful as normal but was question myself had fixed it in 1.0.5 or not and if not why can I only see the one message.
  22. I thought changed this in 1.0.5 to fix this issue as I can only see one vs above two messages but double check my hook.
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