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  1. the theme been updated to 4.4.5 and live customizer is returned.
  2. Version 2.9


    A warm dark theme with orange focus made to work latest IPS suite.
  3. updated 4.4.5 and live customize is back.
  4. updated to 4.4.5 plus live customizer has return back.
  5. updated to 4.4.5 with live customizer back returning back old 4.x.x settings
  6. It's been added as default again I looking make big update towards slider and few other options but no ETA as yet as like get all my themes 4.4.5 ready then look overhauling few themes.
  7. What mean ? As should only show where place the widget.
  8. It's still there in the dropdown menu I can add it again as default it need be.
  9. Yes depending on what call forum pages so main forum views yes, inside the forum itself yes all them locations will work.
  10. Version 1.7

    1 download

    A very clean dark beautiful template for the latest IPS version with custom settings.
  11. This theme has been updated for 4.4.5
  12. Go news is no update is needed for 4.4.5 all template all prefect.
  13. 4.4.5 is out yes and looking what template been updated by IPS and if any update is need will apply shortly, as for the header guess talking about the logo if so yes like 3.4.x you can change the logo via Admin CP and upload your own, not sure what mean about the blog. As for renaming clubs to group this done at your end again in Admin CP if go to customization (its the paint brush) you see languages you need edit via there.
  14. What browser using ? as i find Chrome works fine in Android and that tick view ask desktop mode as believe selected item might hidden in mobile view.
  15. The past sales say 20 people did buy the theme but i am always upfront people buy themes and then don't enjoy them "might never let developer now" or buy a theme to create own version, if need review the theme i have site that provide so look at the theme in more detail.
  16. i never tested this one but via the images would say no but i used this one and works fine in 4.4.4 and also would work for you example via tweaking the settings.
  17. @annadaa current widget settings are 1 widget per page i can sort update to allow more then 1 to be allowed per page before weekend.
  18. sorry forgot to reply i your message i personal never noticed this mainly because don't use the stats option, but i will turn it on next few days see if resets if so i will fix it. It can't i believe might allow only one page could have one showing but i will check.
  19. You need check own web site the issue there clear as day.
  20. I have corrected my poor grammar but then this mainly due to my dyslexia i have no shame in making public.
  21. Should work been working on my 4.4.4 dev site.
  22. Guess the theme you are talking about is chocolate, due to few people have been getting unofficial support from myself. Back on topic could be good reason why the developer left but we will never know.
  23. If current customer had this theme please send me PM
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