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  1. If you go to Settings > Advanced Configuration and under the tasks block, click on "View Tasks" in the description, you should see the view updates task with a lock next to it, click that and then it should run ok.
  2. For caching to be effective, it needs to be more a long enough period of time to make it worth storing, but short enough that content is updated regularly. A 30 second cache will increase overhead but for very little benefit. We have found that the 15 minute cache is the best balance between overhead and usefulness. We have "realtime" activity for cloud customers so you can always see who is active in a topic regardless of caching and when members log in, they are served live pages, not the cached ones.
  3. Glad it’s all resolved now. I’m going to lock this now as it’s all sorted.
  4. Cloud customers do get tickets. The ticket was sent in around 1am our time Sunday morning. I responded around 8:30am and got the help of Marc to investigate the issue. We have auto renewing SSL certificates which rely on a CNAME being added to the domain which we inform the customer at the time they sign up. On this occasion the CNAME is missing from the domain name which we do not control so the auto renewal is flagged as PENDING on our side. As soon as the CNAME entry has been added, it’ll auto renew. So to be clear, the customer got support on a Sunday morning by two members of our team for an issue that was with the domain name we do not control.
  5. The Hive team is also aware of the logo issue and is working with FZ to diagnose the issue.
  6. I've replied to FZ in the ticket, but a few things to mention here that we'll improve on: 1) The sidebar widget will only show if you are not subscribed to your own site via Hive. You (the admin) are subscribed automatically during set up, so when you drag in the Hive widget, it won't show for you - but it will show for others. It's a bit confusing but if you log out (or use a private browser tab) you'll see the widget in all its glory. We're looking at ways to improve this so you get some kind of message if you are subscribed. 2) We're working on onboarding to reduce confusion. The site was added and it is pulling in data. I've left a recommendation for FZ on how to log back in.
  7. I've moved this into a support ticket so we can have a closer look.
  8. We use the member ID in the URLs to ensure that the link goes to the correct place. There are some occasions where the 'friendly' part of the URL may not be unique. UTF8 allows for a wide range of characters, some not visible so it would be possible to use specific UTF8 sequences which would be stripped during the FURL process, which could mean that without the URL there is the possibility of it pointing to the wrong person. It also means that permalinks stored externally still work even when the user has changed their name.
  9. We do have plans for an opt-in before viewing embeds but it'll likely not be in 5.0. Version 5 is the start of the next chapter and it'll mature quickly over a number of releases. Self-hosting license prices have already been released for v5. You can even switch to the pricing now (Client Area > Manage Purchases > "Change your license to new Invision Community Classic terms"
  10. I have a lot of thoughts on this which I’ll put in a blog at some point but we as a platform service two different community needs; transactional and social. The transactional topics benefit most from helpful/solved. Less useful for social conversational topics where notes and moderator tools come in.
  11. Never gonna give him up! At the bottom near the footer currently. There is an 'auto' mode to take the value from your OS.
  12. it's not something we have on our list at present. Yes, I see 'this is helpful' as being something outside of reactions. I may like/laugh/thanks at various posts but it does not mean that they fix the problem the topic poster had. "Helpful" is a clear signal that the post offered the topic starter a sensible answer. It's a useful tool for transactional type topics (I need an answer to _____ / I need _______ solving) and helps reduce the noise in a topic until the topic starter or moderator marks a specific post as the definitive answer.
  13. As you may know, Invision Community 5 is currently in development, and progress has been great, with many areas starting to come together. Almost all of the significant code restructuring has been completed, with much progress on the UI and the new theme bearing fruit. A fair few new features are complete, but some aren't quite ready to show, as they need a little love from Ehren. I wanted to share a little teaser of Invision Community 5; how many new things or changes can you spot? The small print Please remember that the features, functionality and UI shown in this little teaser are pre-beta, so they are subject to change. The features and functionality shown here aren't all that has been completed; many new features are 'code-complete' but waiting for some UI polish before we're ready to share more. Essentially, what you're seeing is a work in progress. We don't have a release timeframe in mind yet, but we'll let you know when we do!
  14. https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/members-and-groups/social-sign-in/apple-r355/
  15. It's ok, we'll create their plugins for them.
  16. That's correct, we have a way to prune the entire index, but it's only used when toggling between MySQL/Elastic in the AdminCP but we do not have any code to drop indexes.
  17. Do you have registrations set to disabled or redirect elsewhere?
  18. The task is "prunesearchindex" but looking at the code, that only runs when you have MySQL enabled, the Elastic search index is not pruned at all. The only time the index would be truncated is if you switch between MySQL and Elasticsearch on the AdminCP.
  19. Do you have the Invision Community Geolocation service enabled (and an active license key)? (ACP > Integrations)
  20. What do you see under the Spam Defense tab? The Contact Us verification is a setting under ACP > Settings > Contact Us.
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