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    Noble~ reacted to The Old Man in 4.5: Simple Stock Photo Picker   
    That would be really nice! +1
  2. Haha
    Noble~ reacted to day_ in iOS & Android Apps: Open Beta   
    I wouldn’t bother with Android, just focus on iOS and one day they will see sense and join us in the Apple world 😛
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    Noble~ reacted to bfarber in 4.5: Simple Stock Photo Picker   
    Your existing attachment limits will already apply. 🙂 At the end of the day, these images are nothing fancier than attachments, just with a nice UI to submit.
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    Noble~ got a reaction from Matt in 4.5: Simple Stock Photo Picker   
    Nice job IPS looking forward to 4.5
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    Noble~ reacted to fix3r in 4.5: Your new admin control panel   
    Please Add Server Load
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    Noble~ reacted to Charles in 4.5: RSS Feed improvements   
    I have actually seen an uptick in interest in RSS from our corporate clients lately. Things tend to come and go in phases.
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    Noble~ reacted to fix3r in 4.5: Your new admin control panel   
    please add "last online" to the admincp user profile view 
  8. Haha
    Noble~ reacted to Joel R in 4.5: Your new admin control panel   
    But the sparkly cool ones, like from Twilight.  

    Invision Power Services: Making ACP warp speed look blindingly good. Or something.  
    @Matt promised me that he had enough vegemite to feed the team to do a couple more updates in 4.5.      
    Also, I recommend that you be promoted to our sound mixer for releases.  Your "BUM BUM BUM!!!" was on point.  Most people will be blind by then due to the ACP, but at least we can listen to you.
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    Noble~ reacted to SJ77 in 4.4: Recurring PayPal Payments and more with Braintree and Commerce   
    I applied for Braintree long ago and they denied me with zero explanation. Only said my site was unfit. No option for appeal. They can kiss my ***
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    Noble~ reacted to Joel R in Guest Blog: How to incorporate new features into your community   
    😍 Thanks for the kind words.  Also, thank you to IPS for letting me be a guest blogger for one day.
    I should have tried to join the IPS staff, they're handing out million dollar checks to staff members!! 
    On a serious note, I think there are always things to learn for community management, no matter your experience level or years of administration.  There's so much to learn, from socializing concepts and behavioral theory to actual implementation and execution -- and I'm hoping that IPS can become a knowledge community where we can learn, share, and rely on each other. 
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