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4.5: RSS Feed improvements

You'd be forgiven for thinking that RSS feeds belong in some bygone era of the web where Netscape was king and getting online meant listening to your modem scream at your phone line.

There's certainly a lot of newer web technologies to share data, but the venerable RSS feed still has a place.

Invision Community has supported RSS feed importing and exporting for a very long time now; however, it has been restricted to just Forums and Blogs.

Importing an RSS feed is a simple way to populate content on your community. It's even a great way to share content to and from your site without creating blocks or writing custom code.

Invision Community 4.5 now centralizes RSS feed importing, so it is available for Forums, Blogs and Pages.


You can now choose to import an RSS feed to any Pages database. Better yet, there is now full support for image enclosures.

RSS feeds have a special tag to note that the feed entry has an attached image. Lots of RSS feeds use this, such as the NASA Image Of The Day feed. Until now, this image has just been silently discarded.


Now, it is imported as an attachment (so it can be moved around in the post or Pages entry). If the Pages database you are importing to has record images enabled, you can optionally import the enclosure as a record image which some template sets can use as a header image, just as our blog here does.


But what about exporting enclosures?

Happily, Invision Community 4.5 can now export the main content image of an item as an enclosure. This certainly makes the Gallery RSS feed export a lot more useful!


While these updates are not revolutionary, they certainly make RSS feed importing and exporting much more useful. We've been asked to support RSS feed importing into Pages for quite a while now.

What do you think of these changes? What will you import into your Pages databases?

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I am very happy. We have written extended RSS for our needs that includes images and it seems that we can abandon it soon in favour of core functionality. Just perfect.

By the way, RSS is NOT dead. It's a magic way to get more traffic on your site, if you know how :ph34r: Both ways: import other RSS channels into your project and export your own. 

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This is great, I will add a number of feeds of news websites and it will make my news articles even more quicker to be added.

Right now I had to resort to importing to a hidden forum which I read and promote to articles these posts that I liked.

Very good decision indeed. RSS is far away from being dead.

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Thanks for this, yes I think we've asked for RSS Import into Pages with proper image handling since IPContent was probably released! It's great to see it finally arrive. Nice.

Combined with services like Zapier and Feedly, there must be a lot of great possibilities aside from importing news feeds.

The only thing I can see is that Gallery is missing out on the integration party, it would be a nice workaround for the lack of a backend bulk import tool and you could combine Image RSS feeds with Gallery in some good ways, such as selective Flickr or DeviantArt, featured background wallpaper site feeds etc. Once they are in Gallery or Pages it would be nice to be able to feed them into the IPS Carousel/Slider. 

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On 12/6/2019 at 9:55 AM, The Old Man said:

Combined with services like Zapier and Feedly, there must be a lot of great possibilities aside from importing news feeds.

I would appreciate if you can share some practical examples. I also feel that there are benefits from rss->zauper automation, but I cannot figure out a simple practical example 🙂

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It is a standard feature of vBulletin that you can filter the feeds so that different articles go into different sub- forums. This means that you can make your RSS feeds subject specific.

I put this up as a suggestion on the forum a few months ago – but nobody took the bait.

It seems to me that this is a fairly basic ask. Configure the RSS – configure keywords to look for – Boolean – and if the RSS feed satisfies X and Y then it goes into X and Y sub- forum. If it satisfies Z and X then it goes into Z and X forum. If it doesn't satisfy any of those then the feed data is not incorporated into the forum.

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The absolute most important thing I need from RSS imports is the ability to create a specific layout for a feed...other forum software solutions have it and I find it extremely valuable and would love to have it for my IPS site:


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Also noticed in BETA 4 that the RSS Feed Image field that is shown in the blog post is not included...has this feature been dropped or is there an issue with it that is still to be fixed in an upcoming BETA release?

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