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  1. Sure but how can I force the default forum view on theses tabs ? In Forum Settings, this new option is not listed. Is there a way to fix this ?
  2. Thanks for this awsome app @Adriano Faria. Is there a way to force all our members to have a tabbed forums index displayed by default ?
  3. Hi @Mike John. Check your mp inbox 🙂
  4. Yes, I can access to IPB files in FTP mode.
  5. This application is great but I have just faced an error. When "Post comments" is active,access to the moderatorCP is impossible. The error message is : The only solution I have is to disable it. @Mike John, thanks for your help
    Very useful plugin. Just one regret. There is a missing setting that would allow to choose whether adding comments : in each post or only in the first one.
  6. Hi, I'm in search of a solution that gives to the moderator a possibility to show in the activity stream of a member, all content items excluding content that member posted in its own topics. Is there a way to do this ? The objective is to be able to quickly see whether or not a member answers to other topics than its own. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi @opentype. Sorry to insist and bother you about this request but can you tell me if this modification is possible or not ? And if yes, how can I handle it ?
  8. Hi @opentype. This is a very nice work, well done. I have just one issue. Is it possible to invert the images of the person creating the topic and the last poster ? By default, the image of the last poster is over the image of the person creating the topic. I want the opposite effect. Thanks.
    This is a must have application. Thank you @onlyME for this work. I only have one question. The title and the cartridge (surrounded by a red line in the picture below) are too big. How can I modify them ? I want them smaller. Additionally, it will be perfect if it was possible to hide this application when we are with a mobile.
    Do the job and do it well. Thanks.
  9. Unfortunatly, after several tests, @TheJackal84, the problem is not solved. Currently, Media Uploader isn't functional for my webiste
  10. Thanks @TheJackal84. I'll test it since the end of this week.
  11. I am continuing my investigation to try to solve the problem. When I visualize the source of a post, the following code is present <source src="https://accents-poetiques.com/uploads/monthly_2019_03/XXX.mp3.b21f60e3d81112bd4d20f9c66f4d2956.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> However, the next part is missing and that is what explains the problem <audio controls="" style="margin-bottom:30px;"> <source src="https://accents-poetiques.com/uploads/monthly_2019_03/XXX.mp3.026f024c7cfd3daacec10fe46e7abfe7.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> </audio> What could be the cause of this missing code for members?
  12. I know that. However, this is indeed the case. If I don't allow HTML, the plugin doesn't work. What could this be due to? I would like to point out that the template is not in question because the problem is the same with the default template.
  13. Sorry to insist @TheJackal84 but I'm really annoyed with this problem. Thank you for your feedback.
  14. Hi @TheJackal84. I have another problem. In order for members to embed a file in their post, we have to give them the rights to post in HTML. Otherwise, the embed file will not be displayed. Of course, for security reasons, it is out of the question to give them the right to post in HTML. How to solve this big problem ?
  15. I'm making progress on the resolution, but it's strange. Only groups that have the rights to make private uploads can access their public uploads to integrate them into a message. Groups that do not have authorization for private uploads cannot access their public uploads.
  16. (continuation of the following topic) @TheJackal84, my problem remains. Private uploads for the group members is forbidden as you can see : So my problem can't be occured by this parameter. I'm going crazy 🤓
    Great app but I have a major problem 🤔 Members can upload a file but when they want to embed any of their uploaded media via the insert other media button, nothing appears as you can see in the screenshot above. However, rights are correctly configured I don't know if this clarification can help but the administrator group doesn't have this problem. @TheJackal84, do you have any idea what's causing my problem ? Thanks for your help.
  17. A nice plugin @DawPi Just one regret : once installed, it is not possible to allow notes only for for some forums and not others. If you can update this in a future version, it will be so cool.
  18. I must express myself wrong because it is not possible that you cannot see the problem. I've just done some test with Chrome and Edge. Under Chrome, the text of the newsfeed scrolls normally a first time, appearing on the right then disappearing on the left. The problem then occurs, when it is supposed to appear again on the right. In fact, only the end of the text is displayed directly in the middle of the newsfeed. There is no more progressive scrolling. Under Edge, the behavior is the same and with my smartphone too. Take a look on the gif attached on my first message. It displayed perfectly the issue.
  19. Sure. Check this link where the plugin works. That's the index of the forum. On the other hand, check for exemple this link (a post inside the forum) where the scrolling of the newsticker is wrong.
  20. Hi, First, thanks for this great plugin. Everything works like a charm except one thing. The newsticker is dispayed on our forum only. The scrolling of the texte is ok in the first level of it but if we open a topic, there is a problem with the scrolling as you can see in the attached file. The scrolling loops correctly the first time but then it will suddenly reappear with part of the text cut. Thanks for your help.
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