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  1. I realize that you know whether your app would need to be rewritten for Lazyload but please correct me if wrong. If I have a page with a lot of images with Lazy Load only the images in the viewable window are actually downloaded. Thus making the page appear smaller and quicker to load? That is, until I scroll down. For example, my front page is 2mb in size and would probably be recognized as being around 700kb with lazy load. Without all 2mb is loaded at once. Am I missing something here? If I am correct and you do not want to implement LazyLoad is it permissible for me to hire someone to implement it to your product?
  2. Thanks! Just informing that copying and pasting the above code added a stray character between the analysis and " mark. After saving that resulted in a error when visiting the site. Check the global template after pasting in the above code to see whether anything is in red that may pose an error. Much thanks Adlago! William
  3. Though the test distribution only showed the code the actual distribution shows a link. Clicking it though results in page not found:
  4. I think we need to wait for the entire site to be reindexed during which time no-index might be dropped. I suspect this process may take 8-12 weeks. Until then!
  5. Best bet is to fill out a support ticket because there's no guarantee support will see this.
  6. Just purchased the plugin and willing to give it a shot. I see the general consensus on the web is that Panda considers less than 250 words thin content. I'm setting the minimum word count at 100 words to begin.
  7. Please disregard. The following CSS resolved the issue: #ipsLayout_footer::before { left: 0; right: 0; border-bottom: 0; border-left: 0; } #ipsLayout_footer::after { left: 0; right: 0; border-bottom: 0; border-left: 0; border-right: 0; } .af_Container { padding-bottom: 0; }
  8. Hi Taman, Regarding the little Triangles at the footer. I have a custom CSS which attempts to close the blank between the template footer .af_Container { padding-bottom: 0 } This causes the little triangle. Without there is a different color gap at the bottom:
  9. G'evening HeadStand, Newsletter is v. 2.1.2 and IPS4.4.4. Lastly, I removed the unsubscribe code and reentered it, saved, and sent myself a test of the distribution and now only the raw code display with no link.
  10. @HeadStand Hi, this presents a real pain because an admin can't simply unsubscribe a member from site news letter in admincp. The admin has to login as the user and navigate to the members account settings and then under the "newsletter" menu option unsubscribe from the site newsletter distribution. That is in contrast of unsubscribing through the admincp>>members>>edit profile>>notifications>>unsubscribe is not the same newsletter so unsubscribing from it does not unsubscribe from the newsletter distribution. Hope this is worked out! William
  11. Also unsubscribe link doesn't work for my site. Takes people to page doesn't exists...... Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2
  12. Thank you! I can't believe I went so long with this issue. Just for FYI in case anyone self hosted with a WHM/cPanel server wants to do this for themselves: WHM>>Email>>Email Deliverability The server will provide checks and recommend necessary DNS changes. My IP however was binded with the wrong host name. The Host did have to change this one part. Issue was resolved as soon as the DNS propagated!
  13. I have the same problem though my domain is rather newly implemented. Looking for any way to resolve this problem too.
  14. I use wpengine for a WordPress site and actually have never considered using them for my IPS site. I recommend you ask them directly. Perhaps I never thought about moving my IPS site because I love A2 Hosting's VPS for IPS.
  15. Well besides uploading your files to Amazon which frees up server space the service offers a tremendous performance boost with the Accelerated option enabled. Currently my S3 service is running me less than a dollar a month. Cloudfront is also pretty cheap. However, Amazon's Elastic search runs me over a hundred a month. Amazon offers some great services. I do believe there is a free tier to use from Amazon for Elastic Search, besides way better search returns the site is much faster loading. Once you get everything working right take a peek at @The Old Man product: But don't take my word for it measure your own performance before and after: https://www.dotcom-tools.com/website-speed-test.aspx?
  16. Anyone know how to display the actual S3 bucket size? I can see how many files are in it but nowhere do I see the overall size.
  17. Thank you for updating the gif and other icons in the editor! Latest version rocks!
  18. When I try to add another group to a global sticky note and save I get: Tried to reach out a week ago through private message and haven't heard back.
  19. Any plans to update and release this product for IPS 4.4x?
  20. Thank you for taking the time to verify the issue at hand Joel!
  21. Did you try using the unsubscribe link? The code does display the link but when I hit it I recieved an error. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue?
  22. That removes the title and link but is there a way to keep and only center it?
  23. Could someone provide the CSS to properly center the title?
  24. Anyone ever try Nibbler? Here are my results. I like that Nibbler makes suggestions: http://nibbler.silktide.com/en_US/reports/www.christforums.com http://nibbler.silktide.com/en_US
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