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  1. I am able to change the theme based on the admin pages theme selection. However, changing the theme at the footer doesn't change the front page. Is there a way to "deselect" any default theme from the pages admincp allowing selected groups to change the front page?
  2. @TAMAN Question, I copied the theme and offer a dark rendition of the Beh. theme. However, the front page built with pages doesn't change with the new selection. Any ideas?
  3. There was a plugin in the marketplace I thought rather hilarious. It allowed fake errors on the site to plague member groups until they [if worked as designed] left the board.
  4. Already fixed in latest release by the developer.
  5. Curious as to how we may inform our members of the mobile app. Will there be an option to detect mobile devices and show them (guests and members on mobile) where to go in order to download the mobile app?
  6. Consider this a request for seasonal effects such as: spring, summer, autumn, and winter!
  7. @TAMAN We have a Christmas season effects in the Behemoth theme any plans for halloween or easter?
  8. Plugin page has disable all. Also you can run the support tool after it clears cache select that the problem hasn't been resolved and it should give an option to disable all customizations.
  9. If you don't figure it out here's another possible solution. You could use this widget / block and place it in desired location using the page builder:
  10. In the activity stream there appears to be untranslated content: The member in question posted a comment on his marker and in the activity stream an untranslated string appears. Here's the link to his marker: https://www.christforums.com/membermap/markers/marker/2-dean-scott/?tab=comments#comment-1
  11. Didn't have the Alexa code installed a week or so. The certified ranking according to them included no traffic being reported for a week. I'm not using Google Analytics but since the beginning of my site's creation use AWStats in Cpanel. Real traffic from Alexa, at least in my experience, has resulted in a lower ranking than not paying for the certified metrics. Alexa seems too generous with its estimated metrics. William
  12. I hired @Adlago to go through the site in order to get it to validate. He did much of the work. I recommend Adlago as he does great work.
  13. We were averaging around 850-900 visitors every day for over a year with Vbulletin 5. Immediately after the migration we dipped below 500 visitors a day...... then it slowly crawled upwards when after two months we began averaging 700 visitors a day....... that is until today. In the last week we've noticed a slight upward fluctuation and today it just busted past the average taking us to a new site record.
  14. Now, before anyone gets really excited one can see that on July 7th I purchased this plugin. Today is less than a month later - August 7th. Now the problem is throughout this month have I not only installed this plugin and seen it work as Google is reporting no-index and actually de-indexing a lot of thin material, but I've also implemented other changes such as making the site W3C Validate. My particular site really suffered from thin content because we use a RSS Importer to create news articles and those are only small clips created from articles and are published. The plugin no-indexed those particular topics but yet when comments filled out below the OP the no index was changed to index. Since December of 2018 when I migrated from Vbulletin 5 to IPS4 our traffic has been relatively low receiving anywhere from 500-800 visitors in a 24 hour span. Our highest visitors for one 24 hour day had topped out at a little over 900 visitors. I was just surprised to see our daily stats which has now past the mid way tracking for the day. After 12 hours we've set our own personal record using IPS4 and now pushed past 1,048 visitors. If today's trend continues we'll nearly double our traffic. I'm hoping that the changes made in the last 3 weeks or so are finally being noticed by Google's algorithm. The most difficult thing about SEO work is that one has to make changes and wait for Google to reindex the site which can take weeks or months depending on the size. I'm referring to a delayed observation = change, wait, and see. Your thoughts? William
  15. I only recently enabled this option and after two days staff begged me to disable it. The recaptcha didn't stop the spam and the staff members were overwhelmed with the amount of spam being posted by guests.
  16. Is anyone else running into problems where avatars won't load in the Activity stream after hitting "Load More Activity"? The new threads that show don't load the avatars. https://www.christforums.com/discover/
  17. Following your thread because I too have [ATTACH=CONFIG]xxx[/ATTACH] code. I migrated from Vbulletin 5 to IPS4. I thought it was because I did not initially have the Downloads add-on.
  18. Has anyone verified the sitemap doesn't show an updated transition from no index to index? I haven't.
  19. I simply sent an email to my gmail account. For the first time it went into inbox! Also I am noting tons of past members returning to the forum when each newsletter goes out. They were never receiving them before! William
  20. Looks like the page is then made to index. That was one my initial concerns. I run a RSS news feed import and the brief articles (one sentence) created by the rss importer are no index. But as replies are made it appears that the page is then becomes or are made index. For example, examining the "source" and looking at https://www.christforums.com/forums/topic/15597-president-trump-wall/ The following occurs: <meta name="robots" content="index"> However, a short article such as this: https://www.christforums.com/forums/topic/26213-donald-trump-rock-star-welcome-for-ilhan-omar-staged-in-minnesota/ <meta name="robots" content="noindex">
  21. Browser companies must recognize the benefit of LazyLoad!
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