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  1. Forgive me, im being dense as usual. Where do you actually assign the images per forum?
  2. Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I had Adriano develop this plug in for me. It allows me to set a different banner for each forum on the site.
  3. Heres a question, can I tell HMRC I want my personal data removed from their systems? ?
  4. We have just upgraded to 4.3 and the activity streams aren't showing new posts even though some have been made in existing topics. The topics are showing in the feed as not being updates for the past 12 hours. We have rebuilt the indexes twice now and no change. Have submitted a support ticket to IPS but thought I would ask here also Thanks
  5. Just worked out how to do this. isn't the cookie notification supposed to show to everyone though and not just guests?
  6. Where is this please? Are you referring to 'show terms of service to guests'?
  7. No, I was referring to a copy/paste of someones privacy policy directly into a topic somewhere. but thank you for this link
  8. I realise that. The one I read looked easily adaptable to my site though. You've worked with me enough to know im not too intelligent ?
  9. Somebody posted a privacy policy and offered to share it the other week. Been trawling the 50 different GDPR threads currently running and can't find it. Can anyone link me to it please?
  10. One question I have is regarding my adserver. This is placed on a separate inaccessible domain and serves ads to my forum. Putting a privacy policy on there isn't an option as the site isn't viewable. What should I do in these circumstances?
  11. I have a couple of apps on itunes and google play. One is a guide to tying knots for climbing, and the other a fungi identification tool. neither of these apps require a log in. You simply purchase them and use. And yep you've guessed it, google play have just removed one because it doesn't have a flipping privacy policy on it. The amount of money I actually earn out of these apps I am seriously wondering if its worth fixing or not...utter stupidity
  12. Is the part of GDPR regarding removal of content the same as the recent ruling of the right to be forgotten?
  13. Great. This is a huge weight off my mind. Thank you all for taking the time to write this guide
  14. Sorry, could you also clarify what would be considered a soft opt-in? For the first 2 years of my forum running I had opt-in set by default. Would be nice if I could include these in my bulk mail if that is considered soft opt-in
  15. Ok. How I interpreted Matts original sentence was that saving a change to the privacy policy would change the users opt in setting. But its more a case of I should email them following the change and give them the option? I had an email from a company the other day letting me know they had changed their privacy policy, invited me to read it, but didn't mention about opting in again. There was an opt out link in the mail footer though. I would preferably like my email I send out to be similar
  16. Very useful Matt, thank you. Although a couple of conflicting messages that i'd like clarified if possible please. So as soon as I edit the terms and conditions I will no longer be able to send bulk mail to members who have previously opted in? This conflicts a little with the below quote in my eyes, as as soon as i update the privacy policy I am essentially losing my opt in members, unless I am totally misunderstanding something(which is quite likely)
  17. Been quite a stressful year for me with moving to IPS. I was warned I would expect a drop in google ranking/listings, I just didn't realise quite how bad it would be. I have pestered IPS support numerous times with my concerns and am pretty sure they are tired of me by now :).The good news is we seem to have turned a corner. End of July was when we converted and other than a massive spike(due to an article going semi-viral) the site on the whole went into steady decline reaching levels the site was at about 9 years ago. You can see we came out of that a little during december, levelled off for a while, but now are on a very positive upward trend which i'm hoping continues to ultimately exceed where the site was at its peak 3-4 years ago. Looking forward to moving to 3.1 as i'm told there are further SEO improvements still.
  18. Perfect, fixed. Thank you very much
  19. It's just been reported to me that facebook log in isn't working. Upon testing myself I get this message The domain manager had no domains listed. Am I supposed to put my site URL in because I tried that and im still getting the same error. Any help appreciated
  20. Currently when I promote a post to facebook using the promote feature and select a load of images it creates an album on the page. I get a lot of image views but very low click through rate as clicking the images just opens up a slideshow on facebook. If I manually post a topic to facebook then manually add images beneath it creates a scrolling slideshow, clicking on these images link the user straight through to my forum. I have done a few of these manually and the CTR goes through the roof compared to the built in promote feature. Is there a way of doing this automatically, or is there likely to be in the future?
  21. I currently have my forum set up so all articles automatically create a corresponding thread. My question is how does google view this as regards duplicate content and is it likely to be damaging in anyway? Further to that, I have seen on some IPS forums where they have a facebook comments plug in enabled on articles. How would this work with the corresponding topic, would facebook comments show in the topic? I have had some success with posting articles to facebook but the bounce rate is high and im more likely to get comments on the facebook post than the article itself so im looking at ways to increase engagement, Thanks!
  22. thats the problem these days though isn't it...they don't have to. They just disappear off into facebook land instead and are never heard of again
  23. I think thats becoming the main demographic for all forums isnt it!
  24. I wonder if tapatalk are feeling the pinch like all other forums, hence the support lessening
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