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  1. Thanks, that hasn't worked unfortunately
  2. Hi guys, I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to provide me with a line of css. I have an issue with my directory that im pretty sure can be fixed with css. When you do a search on mobile, the map marker pop up that displays the company details adds a scroll bar, and it is a bit fiddly to use, sometimes doesn't work at all. I would like the scroll bar removed and just the whole pop up displayed, theres plenty of room. I was hoping something as simple as the max-height property would work but its not, or i'm just not finding the right selector. You will need to perform a search to see the map marker pop up https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling/nearby-tipsites/?nearby=100&lat=52.247130899999995&lon=1.0766497
  3. I am looking to improve the user experience for my members particularly on mobile view. Many of them find navigation on IPS next to impossible. This is for the most part due to the amount of different things there are on the forum, and as a result people often post in the wrong places, or worse still, simply don't find what they are looking for. I would like to pay a designer to improve this and have had the following idea which i would like feedback on. I have knocked up some crude mockups just to represent the idea. At the bottom of the page I have added a 'easy navigation' button. Looking at different ideas of how to implement it, but it needs to be obvious, always on screen and literally say something like 'easy navigation' rather than having an icon that people have to try and figure out the purpose of. Secondly clicking on the easy navigation will give a full screen of the most important sections of the site, nice and clear and without all the options that are in the current default menu. Looking for feedback, thanks!
  4. I did this ages ago, if I remmeber correct something had to be changed at server level
  5. On the left for me. I suspect it is dependent on pages
  6. This is probably nothing to do with your app and everything to do with ebay, nonetheless i'll ask the question. I have posted a couple of ebay ads on my forum using the external link option https://arbtalk.co.uk/classifieds/item/1118-carlton-xl-sp4012-hydraulic-stump-grinder-2011-350hrs-no-vat/ The external link works fine on desktop, however when you click on it from your phone it doesn't take you to the ad. Try it yourself to see what I mean. Any idea why this happens or if there is any sort of workaround?
  7. Welcome addition, and should go some way to making my customcss template a lot less cluttered. I'd echo what was mentioned above, it would be great to see an option to add a custom class to a block
  8. keen to see this completed
  9. Evening, could anyone advise me how I can track clicks to one of my contact buttons through google analytics? I assume its a case of adding a tag?
  10. @DawPi can you do this? I'm thinking it would be an awesome addition to tie in with my tip site directory. I'd be interested in going halves with @coert_g on such a development what are you using for the listings/directory?
  11. I will need it installed twice, I assume that can be done. I remember on vbulletin it caused a few headaches
  12. @opentype I believe your app might do the job with some modifications https://typography.guru/directory/
  13. Hi guys. Just wanted to pick your collective brains. I am in the process of reviving an old feature from my vbulletin board. This was a fungi resource/database which contained a list of 50 different fungus, and information on each one. There was a facility to search for fungi based on what category they fell into. All this had its only landing page which served as the main page for the entire directory. This also played a slideshow picking random images from each directory. I have had Dawpi write a converter to bring all this data across to IPS and it is currently stored into records. What I am looking for now is the best way to present these records on the front end. Are there any existing plugins/apps or combination that would perform all the above? Thanks
    Simple to use and a much needed addition to my forum. With an old established forum you often end up good friends with members and can be in the position of having to ban them at some times. This plugin lets you remove them from an individual topic when they have overstepped the mark.....hopefully a good enough reminder for them to revisit the forum rules.
    Does what it says on the tin with zero fuss
  14. Mine sort of was, but not in any vindictive manner. There was no UK based forum in my niche at the time, and whilst there was a few brits posting on the american forums, they were very much under utilised by brits in general, so I started a UK one. Most of the brits started posted but carried on to a lesser extent on the american sites.
  15. So, good news to hear you are doing something positive, however its not ideal for me personally as I currently use a tapatalk BYO app. I really would want the ability to add adverts into any app were I to change. That was until this morning however, when i received an email from tapatalk saying they were discontinuing support for their branded BYO! 😡
  16. I used to use the tachy goes to coventry feature on the old vbulletin, which basically does what you suggest. It came up in a conversation once with one of my sponsors who is a bit more on the ball than me. He was dubious as to the legality of it.
    Good work. As usual Dawid has thought of everything
  17. We only have to look at our own communities/facebook pages/groups. How often do 6 month old topics get bumped up on facebook page compared to forums, despite facebook having much higher traffic!
  18. ah gotcha, so they wont stop the item actually appearing then. Thanks
  19. Just been rummaging around google webmaster and spotted a few errors on the 'product' section. Presumably these are items that are shown at the top of google as products when someone performs a search. Are these errors below fixable within the store or does the software need some improvements to get our items showing as rich data/products? If the former, i'd appreciate any guidance, thanks.
  20. Yeah just had a reply on the ticket thanks @bfarber and looks like an IPS upgrade will hopefully fix this. @Joel R seems I was wrong on this occassion 🙂
  21. nope not using that plug in. Have sent in a support ticket also. Sometimes quicker to get an answer here though.
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