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  1. Thanks Nathan, I saw that option. Not sure I want to go that route though. Sometimes people have reason to keep the original formatting. Yes I realise that, but most people wouldn't bother, nor realise they need to.
  2. Hi, is there any css code that will remove the white text background to postsnthat are copy/pasted with their original format please? example here https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/111840-lead-climber-position-available-kent/
  3. Thanks Adriano. I will try this out, although I only actually have 2 products so im not sure if this is going to work
  4. Does anyone know of a commerce plug in that allows me to display featured store products in a block? Couldn't find anything in the marketplace
  5. Hi, I need to make the phone number field required on this forum in commerce. Where can I do this please? ignore, found it ?
  6. i'm not sure this is a good idea to send out every thread. I sell a lot of private advertising on my forum. A lot of the advertisers are big companies using 3rd party media companies to purchase their ads. I talk to as many of these companies as I can and gleam what I can from them, and the general conscensus is that anymore than 2 shares to a facebook page per day is too much and seen as simply annoying. Apologies if I misunderstood your post though, but it reads like all threads are automatically shared
  7. Found this which would work, except it will then send all invoices generated to the manufacturer and not just the particular item in question?
  8. I am setting up a physical store item to sell on my site. This is not an item I stock and I would like a notification email with the full order details automatically sent to the manufacturer. Currently the notification email only includes the information below. Is it possible to add more through a setting I have overlooked, or does this need manually coding in?
  9. bugger. The media css is for something completely different and I forgot to add the double brace at the end. Well spotted thanks. It works now ?
  10. copy and pasted it into custom css just as you said. Its saved now, still not change on the front end.
  11. Just tried adding that css and it did nothing, but thanks for trying! i'll see if I can work out opentypes suggestion That would explain why I couldn't find it then ? i'll take a look at your suggestion, thanks
  12. Hi, I don't suppose someone could point me in the right direction on something please? I am trying to add a white transparent background to the excerp to make the text stand out a bit better but cannot work out what the selector is? I have tried all sorts. Thanks in advance! https://arbtalk.co.uk/arborist-reviews/
  13. Wouldn't this be in reverse order though? ie: I googled the topic title, surely that should just contain text within the topic? If I googled the text and it showed a topic then your theory would make more sense...at least to me anyway theres such a thing on my own site?
  14. Odd one hey. Your assumption is probably correct though. How did you source the original post? It returned nothing when I googled it Also should I be concerned that the cache was broken on a 3 day old topic?
  15. Can't replicate the search results now! Yes of course. Those posts were definately not made in that topic Try this @opentype https://www.google.co.uk/search?rlz=1C5CHFA_enGB778GB778&ei=v3g6W5meKYviUefWuZAF&q=free+tickets+to+bbc+countryfile+live+with+stihl+&oq=free+tickets+to+bbc+countryfile+live+with+stihl+&gs_l=psy-ab.3..35i39k1.75630.76787.0.77125. This is what it shows for me If I do a google search using the supposed content on the previous search it returns no results site:arbtalk.co.uk I wish I hadnt put that about the 27RX leaving a rougher finish as the difference compared to other chains is minimal. That said with all that
  16. Just tested a URL in google to see how it was performing. The second 2 listings contain content that is not actually in the topic that is listed. What would cause this anomaly?
  17. I think we have all become used to moving to the bottom of our screens on iphones to post emoji's, it doesnt seem natural when posting on IPS to then have to navigate upwards to find the emojis to add to your post. Would these be better served at the bottom of the editor somewhere?
  18. I agree. I think a lot of people write messages on peoples profiles not realising it will be public
  19. thanks, and obviously that should have read 'unlink'
  20. I am currently using Spanners company directory app on a project, which is going very well. My next step is to create 2 wordpress sites on different domains which will guide the public to my IPS site to add a listing. Initially I was just going to have them click on a link from the wordpress site. However I would like to make it as simple as possible and am looking at options so they can fill in all the fields on the wordpress site and a company listing will be automatically created on the IPS site. Does anyone know if theres an existing plug in that would handle something like this?
  21. Isn't it enough to just unlike their facebook to their forum account?
  22. Not sure if he ever added it to the marketplace. I commissioned it via pm
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