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  1. We only have to look at our own communities/facebook pages/groups. How often do 6 month old topics get bumped up on facebook page compared to forums, despite facebook having much higher traffic!
  2. Not done yet, juggling a million projects at the moment
  3. No it wouldn't! You seem very confident in the user base you are going to receive. Very intriguing, please keep us posted, and good luck
  4. Anyone know the legalities of using a plugin such as this please?
  5. I just purchased the one above, works a treat. Only $20 and with no 6 monthly renewal fees like most plugins
  6. I’ll post a link to the blog when I’m done
  7. I'd also add creating leads for a gaming community could be more than reasonable if you consider the possibilities. I'm sure theres plenty of software developers/companies have profiles on there. Could be a valuable opportunity for picking up sponsorship, testers, who knows what else. Got to look at the bigger picture
  8. Thanks Joel, interesting read Of course, it depends on niche. My forum is industry based as you know. I would say its particularly relevant to them. They are far more likely to get a large scale commercial job from an office bod seeing their posts on Linkedin, without the endless pointless and time wasting facebook messages from Mrs Miggins to deal with
  9. I am writing an article for my new site about the benefits of Linkedin over Facebook (which I believe are many) to driving traffic to your website (forum or any other business site). Interested to hear any of your views? For example, a recent article I shared on facebook had a 100% bounce rate and average time on site of .21 seconds. The same article shared on Linkedin had a 0% bounce rate and average time on site of 4.32 seconds. This clearly suggests to me that Linkedin is a far more professional marketplace with people who genuinely are there to learn, whilst facebook is populated with bored people who just want to look at funny photos/videos, and have no interest in reading anything longer than 2-3 sentences, specially if it doesn't have at least 7 emojis attached. Additionally I ran a poll on my forum asking what percentage of business enquiries through facebook turned into actual work. The results speak for themselves. Facebook is ultimately just a massive waste of time for the most part I think, and my article will be reflecting that. Instead of posting on their Facebook page I want to educate my clients into the vlaue of spending that time adding content to their own business blogs.
  10. This. I can never understand what drives anyway to spend hours running and moderating a facebook community that could literally be on the verge of being closed at any time. The facebook group that accompanies my forum will most certainly be shut down for racism at some point and there will be nothing I can do about it
  11. Hi Spanner, I have both reviews and comments enabled on company directory. I get notifications of reviews but not for comments, and they don't show up in the activity feed either. Is there anywhere I can go to view these comments without scouring through every listing?
  12. Already spoken to Dawpi about this. Also I have one other member interested in chipping in. I'll be in touch
  13. Well it took 20 posts but looks like we may have reached some common ground 😂
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