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  1. Possible to remove the option for adding photos in the editor or will this affect the text editor globally? I get quite a high proportion of advertisers insert the images there instead of using the featured image button.
  2. This is probably nothing to do with your app and everything to do with ebay, nonetheless i'll ask the question. I have posted a couple of ebay ads on my forum using the external link option https://arbtalk.co.uk/classifieds/item/1118-carlton-xl-sp4012-hydraulic-stump-grinder-2011-350hrs-no-vat/ The external link works fine on desktop, however when you click on it from your phone it doesn't take you to the ad. Try it yourself to see what I mean. Any idea why this happens or if there is any sort of workaround?
  3. Welcome addition, and should go some way to making my customcss template a lot less cluttered. I'd echo what was mentioned above, it would be great to see an option to add a custom class to a block
  4. is that a long winded way of saying that the video I watched on youtube blaming the virus on 5g is bollocks? 😁
  5. This whole ordeal really is bringing out the worst in people isn't it! Facebook is worse than anywhere, and i've started systematically removing people from my friends list...its making it a far nicer place already
    Simple to use and a much needed addition to my forum. With an old established forum you often end up good friends with members and can be in the position of having to ban them at some times. This plugin lets you remove them from an individual topic when they have overstepped the mark.....hopefully a good enough reminder for them to revisit the forum rules.
    Does what it says on the tin with zero fuss
  6. Mine sort of was, but not in any vindictive manner. There was no UK based forum in my niche at the time, and whilst there was a few brits posting on the american forums, they were very much under utilised by brits in general, so I started a UK one. Most of the brits started posted but carried on to a lesser extent on the american sites.
  7. So, good news to hear you are doing something positive, however its not ideal for me personally as I currently use a tapatalk BYO app. I really would want the ability to add adverts into any app were I to change. That was until this morning however, when i received an email from tapatalk saying they were discontinuing support for their branded BYO! 😡
  8. I used to use the tachy goes to coventry feature on the old vbulletin, which basically does what you suggest. It came up in a conversation once with one of my sponsors who is a bit more on the ball than me. He was dubious as to the legality of it.
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