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  1. You're a star, thank you Hi Marc, Yes I fully understand this and how it could easily be abused. In this instance I need to send vital information to a certain usergroup to update their information within an app feature. Not contacting them isn't an option unfortunately.
  2. I need to send a bulk mail to one usergroup. Is there an option to override their settings for receiving mail?
  3. I have a page set up already which is /abax I would like to create new pages for example abax/sub-page-1 In the page set up theres an option to select a page folder. I assumed this would give me the option of choosing an existing page as the parent page but the drop down is empty. Is there a way to easily accomplish this please?
  4. I currently use revive for serving ads on my site but am considering using the built in ad feature at IPS. I would like to run around 12 ads in the side column but would want them to display in a random order each time the page is refreshed. Is it possible to add 12 banners to one location in this manner?
  5. My advice would be to get a host that understands invision community. More your hosting to @ASTRAPI and all your problems will disappear
  6. Settings on twitter or IPS? ok something else is going on then as this has been working for the past 5 years. Not sure why it is no longer working
  7. That is the URL I am attempting to enter, but like I said, the save button is greyed out so I cant proceed. Above that is a required field. I have just selected webapp and it allows me to save, but threw out a client key and client secret to use. Should these be used within IPS rather than the consumer keys?
  8. My Twitter log in has broken and I was advised to check my keys. I reset the keys and then re-added them but ended up with this error message. After looking further at Twitter I noticed the call back URL didn't have the correct path as mentioned in my IPS control panel. I copy/pasted the correct callback URL in but the save button was greyed out. Above where I added the URL there is another section 'Type of App' which is a required field. There is nothing in your help file regarding this so I assume this is something new and perhaps your help file requires updated. In the meantime can you advice me what the correct settings should be please?
  9. So for example, if I want to set up a category for shops that offer equipment repair, theres no way of someone searching specifically for one thats in driving distance of them. I understand this isn't really the purpose of this app, but for my own use it would open up a whole new range of possibilities. I'd be prepared to pay for a secondary plugin for your app that would achieve this. Unless of course you were prepared to make it part of the core app which would be awesome.
  10. I see people can mark where there location is on the map. It would be great if there was a way to search for businesses by location. A search bar at the top where you could put in a location then choose a category would really make this app great. Is this something you'd consider adding, or privately as a paid additional plugin perhaps?
  11. Hi, I’m trying to find the template for the print invoice option in commerce, can someone point me in the right direction please?
  12. Thank you. I think I may need to get to have this customised to have the contact details more prominent. Reason for reducing the height of the map is so I can fit all the important information on the page within the viewport. In particular on mobile the page is almost unusable as it is quite difficult to scroll past the map. Have had feedback from several members who are helping me test thing and they all say the same thing.
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