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  1. Already spoken to Dawpi about this. Also I have one other member interested in chipping in. I'll be in touch
  2. Well it took 20 posts but looks like we may have reached some common ground 😂
  3. This would be the ideal scenario. My userbase in particular would never bother though unfortunately. Maybe if there was a field that said 'describe what this photo is about?' or 'rather than 'add alt text' might increase the liklihood a little
  4. The point being, they are not going to rank for any keyword of any value if they are tagged with img_123456, unless of course someone happens to be googling that term. Ok this is the sort of information I was looking for, thanks
  5. They may get indexed but indexed where exactly. They certainly aren't going to show up in google Take this image as an example. With over 200,000 images on my site I should have them showing up in the 'images for' section of a google search. I understand that a good percentage of the images won't necessarily be relevant to the thread title, but even if some are showing up its better than others? Which brings me back to a part of my initial question. Would wrongly tagged images(as suggested by Nathan) be determental, or would they simply show up in the wrong place and thats that?
  6. Hi, thanks for the response. I bow to your superior knowledge to an extent, and I agree an AI type service isn't feasible. But to my mind surely the topic title would generally be better than the file name? For example, one topic on my forum currently is titled Hyundai 14HP wood chipper yet the images posted within have alt tags such as "img_2717", surely that would be more beneficial if it was tagged with 'hyundai 14hp wood chipper'? I just checked and I have 219750 images posted on my forum, and according to google webmaster tools only 350 of those images are indexed which seems a huge loss of an opportunity. Again, I am constantly learning and accept you guys know better, but for my own personal learning if you could explain to me where the logic in my plan is floored i'd be grateful 🙂
  7. I have a massive amount of images on my forum yet very few listing in google for them. I see that IPS automatically applies the file name as the alt tag, lets face it, members are never going to add them even though the option is there. Instead of the file name being added as default, would using the thread title be more beneficial for SEO purposes, or on a large thread with multiple images with the same tag would this prove detrimental?
  8. Once you have taken the time to set it up properly I think you'll be more than happy with IPS's built in anti spam features. I basically get zero spam anymore unlike when I was on vb3.8. I don't use any of the additional anti-spam plug ins either
  9. Will it be possible for a different web app icon to be used for different parts of the site, ie for a specific app?
  10. Well this is an odd one. I have 2 listing options on my site, one is for 7 days and the other for 30 days. Somehow someone has managed to create a 48 year long listing. I have no idea how!!?
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