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  1. Mine sort of was, but not in any vindictive manner. There was no UK based forum in my niche at the time, and whilst there was a few brits posting on the american forums, they were very much under utilised by brits in general, so I started a UK one. Most of the brits started posted but carried on to a lesser extent on the american sites.

  2. 4 hours ago, Joel R said:

    The one overwhelming takeaway from this article is that anytime you rely on another platform, you're at it's mercy.  The only way to protect yourself is to run an independent community.  You lose a lot of the platform's benefits, but you control your own destiny.  

    This. I can never understand what drives anyway to spend hours running and moderating a facebook community that could literally be on the verge of being closed at any time. The facebook group that accompanies my forum will most certainly be shut down for racism at some point and there will be nothing I can do about it

  3. 6 hours ago, Emediate said:

    Once upon a time, we use to earn $700 USD a month with Viglink, but as our community numbers and engagement has increased dramatically over the years, it's dwindled to less than $100 a month. We've just deactivated Viglink - not worth it any more. Are you reading, Viglink?

    Thats not viglinks fault!!

    I had similar figures to you.  It was a nice stream of income, but that was back in the glory days when people actually stuck around and read a few different pages.

  4. I have a couple of apps on itunes and google play.  One is a guide to tying knots for climbing, and the other a fungi identification tool.  neither of these apps require a log in.  You simply purchase them and use.  And yep you've guessed it, google play have just removed one because it doesn't have a flipping privacy policy on it.  The amount of money I actually earn out of these apps I am seriously wondering if its worth fixing or not...utter stupidity

  5. Sorry, could you also clarify what would be considered a soft opt-in?

    For the first 2 years of my forum running I had opt-in set by default.  Would be nice if I could include these in my bulk mail if that is considered soft opt-in


    However, the ICO is clear that if the email list has a legitimate interest, and was obtained with soft opt-in, then you don't need to ask again for permission


  6. 3 minutes ago, Charles said:

    Not really. They would have still opted-in already even if you change your terms and conditions. Now of course if you were to do something really strange to your terms then maybe that's different but that would be an abnormal thing to do.

    In the end, GDPR is about being a responsible steward of user data. In this case, your user DID opt-in to receiving emails so sending them emails is well within a reasonable scope.

    Ok.  How I interpreted Matts original sentence was that saving a change to the privacy policy would change the users opt in setting.  But its more a case of I should email them following the change and give them the option?


    I had an email from a company the other day letting me know they had changed their privacy policy, invited me to read it, but didn't mention about opting in again.

    There was an opt out link in the mail footer though.

    I would preferably like my email I send out to be similar


  7. Very useful Matt, thank you.  Although a  couple of conflicting messages that i'd like clarified if possible please.



    When you edit the terms and conditions or privacy policy, all users are required to read it again and opt-in again.

    So as soon as I edit the terms and conditions I will no longer be able to send bulk mail to members who have previously opted in?

    This conflicts a little with the below quote in my eyes, as as soon as i update the privacy policy I am essentially losing my opt in members, unless I am totally misunderstanding something(which is quite likely)



    I see many companies emailing out asking for members to opt back in for bulk mail, do I need to do this?
    Short answer: No.

    Since Invision Community 4.0, you can only ever bulk email users that have opted in for bulk emails. There's no way around it, so there's nothing to ask them to opt-in for. They've already done it.

    There is a tiny wrinkle in that pre 4.2.7, the opt-in was pre-checked as was the norm for most websites. Moving forward, GDPR asks for implicit consent, so this checkbox cannot be pre-ticked (and isn't in Invision Community 4.2.7 and later). However, the ICO is clear that if the email list has a legitimate interest, and was obtained with soft opt-in, then you don't need to ask again for permission.



  8. On 4/18/2018 at 7:37 PM, Matt said:

    I respectfully disagree. A very common marketing modal is to open up a free Facebook group, then plug your premium service delivered into a closed Facebook group via a PayPal link.

    Invision Community can do this with better integration and more granular permissions.

    But why would anyone want to pay is the point.  It has to be something very unique these days to get a subscription charge.  I am in the process of developing such a feature on my site that is not available anywhere else but I am still not sure if I could get away without charging for it.  Probably around 200 hours has gone into this project all in all and I can see myself ending up giving it away for free.

    I used to do very well out of viglink, even hit $1000 a month several times.  That has pretty much dwindled down to nothing now, partly due to facebook eating away at traffic, but also I think they changed their payouts significantly as well.

  9. One of the reasons I upgraded to IPS(amongst a million other reasons) was because my dated site desperately needed to be mobile responsive.  3 and a half months on and my listings are still showing as not being mobile friendly.  I can click on 'your page is not mobile friendly', enter the URL on the subsequent page to confirm it is in fact mobile friendly however.  Shouldn't I have seen a change in my listings this far along?




    The page title is showing the new title I set in IPS so it has obviously been reindexed?

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