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  1. I see nothing added into one. If they are both merged we would see club widget blocks
  2. Just wounding if this plugin! Will be merged together? SInce it's done by the same person now. I paid both of those and it's pointless on keep paying for the both. End of the day improved clubs offer block widgets and club profile display...
  3. I'm running 1.4.5 and see that there is 1.4.6 and since this is no longer.. Still like some updates...
  4. I'm thinking of moving to this plugin.. Using iawards and not all of the awards are working and at times waiting for an update. Is this plugin Trophies and Medals more simple and easy?
  5. Prime day is crap! It's not as good as it used to be
  6. I think there is no more updates for this right? What about ideas that I mention
  7. Hello, there is an group permission error with the iawards plugin. When setting up permissions and whatnot and save it comes back as an error and so only way to deal with this at the moment is to disable iawards then setup the permissions save then enable. That being said the iawards permissions tab is broken to the point that can't be saved. So you need to check over that..
  8. The copyright text is uppercase I though it was set to lowercase
    As the file title says, It works like an dream. I always wanted something like this ever since I started using the articles and that members have to be forced to upload an image and at times they don't and have to edit the article with an image. Now I don't need to worry about telling them LOL
  9. With this new guests post before sign in option needs to be checked I had my welcome bot posting topics that leads to profile guest and most of the IPs at the time all used ipv6
  10. It can be anything, Theme or even some other plugin. I looked into it but it needs to be fully checked over
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