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  1. Hello, how can I change the shown date of a topic in the topic widget that it shows the date of the last post and not of the topic start? This makes more sense for me and the community. Also it would be great to show the username of the last poster and not the topic starter. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Hello, I just want to ask if I still need the pubic directory after having finished the 3.8 to 4.0 upgrade? I found files which also exist in the uploads directory.
  3. No, I don't want to convert the permissions (I know that this is not possible). So the thread has nothing to do with the converter (now in the wrong forum). I just asked if I can copy permissions from one forum to the other and from one usergroup to the other. I hope now everybody understands what I mean. Otherwise I have to set the permissions for 120 forums manually although 50% of them have almost the same permissions. So I just want to set only the permissions of one forum and then copy the settings to the others. Is this possible? In vb it was. ----- P.S.: Oh, seems to be another bug in ipb. I just edited my first post and now the thread is in the technical forum again although the redirect is still there.
  4. Hello support, I've already posted that question at the clients area but they told me it's better doing it here. Next week I'll do another try to convert my vb to ipb4. At the end of every conversion process I had to set all the permissions for the different forums and user groups. Due to the fact that we have over 120 forums and 25 usergroups it was always a lot of work to set the permissions. Some forums and usergroups have the same permissions. Can I speed that up to copy rights from one forum/usergroup to the other or is there no built in feature to do that like we had in vbulletin? Thanks in advance for a feedback.
  5. Hello, we just found out that special characters (i.e. in german: ä ü ö ß) are not being converted correctly in URLs. In German we also have long versions for those characters. They should always be used für URLs and not the special character itself. Ä, ä => ae Ö, ö => oe Ü, ü => ue ß => ss So Threads should be converted like following example: Thread title of: Was für ein Glück should be converted to: 54659-was-fuer-ein-glueck/ But the current ipb version makes following wrong URL: 54659-was-f%C3%BCr-ein-gl%C3%BCck/ Those kind of URLs are terrible. How can it be fixed? Thanks in advance. Wow, here at the official forum I see the characters in the URL. At my board they are being shown as described above. But anyway. All special characters should be converted to the long version for URLs.
  6. Hello, how can I disable the text preview in email notifications? I want the user to visit my forum and not to follow everything in offline emails. Is it possible to get only one notification until the user visits the site again? One email for every post makes no sense at my forum and the user are not used to that. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Hello, I'm planning to purchase this addon. I just installed the demo but didn't find what I expected to see. Due to the fact that I come from vbulletin social groups I'd like to provide the feature to special members to create their own collaboration group (social group). But I only what to have closed and private groups. Nobody who isn't member of a group should see content of this private one. The owner should decide who are allowed to join the group and see the content. How can I do that? I created a private group but I found out that also non members can see the comments. What did I wrong? Can I create more topics in one group? Can I disable the feature to have open groups? All groups shall be private. Thanks in advance for help
  8. Thanks. We don't use cPanel. So we have to go the normal way. Exactly with "overwrite all the old files" we had the problem. That means the only directories staying on the server are public and uploads. Correct?
  9. Hello, do we have a thread or document where the correct upgrade procedure from one IPS4 to the next is explained in a detailed way? Today we had a bug upgrading from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 because we've overwritten a directory by mistake. All threads I've found are for upgrades between v3 or v3 to v4 but none for v4 to v4. We just want to have a description which directories and files we have to leave on the server. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks, but I can't find that setting. Where is it? Thanks in advance.
  11. If this happened a couple of times why do they not post the necessary modification for that? I don't want to create ftp and user access everytime we have a problem which is already known and can be fixed by a small code mod.
  12. Hello, now we did a conversion of ipb3 to 4 for the third times (on different servers). But we always have the problem that the backend menu for users (User->User) is not accessible and causes an EX2 error. All other menus like user->group are not an issue. Thanks in advance for any hints.
  13. Hello, when opening a profile you can see the email address at the bottom of the left bar. How can I hide that block? It is not part of the User->Profile Settings. I don't want anybody to see those information. Emails shall be visible to admins ONLY (not the mods). Thanks in advance.
  14. ​This would be interesting to know. Are there any show stoppers in RC7a?
  15. But why do we have this problem here as well? Please check out my link above.
  16. Hi, we just upgraded an ipb 3 to version 4 and found out that old bbcodes (like quote) don't work and are being shown as a code. You can see that in this forum as well. I.e.: http://community.invisionpower.com/blogs/entry/2524-ipboard-30-bbcode-system-overhaul/?do=findComment&comment=3968 Any fixes for that? Thanks in advance
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