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  1. Hello, from the UX perspective I would really appreciate if we could remove the cryptic error code line (in grey) for guests and users on permission error pages. Is there any way to do that? Users and guests don't benefit from this information.
  2. I think he wants to keep the customized streams and switch of the "all activities" only. I'd like to do the same because I made the experiences that the "all activities" stream contains too many informations, like mentioning every single reply in a topic. I'd like to switch it off too but keeping the customized streams online. It's also not perfect for me that the back link in mobile breadcrumb always jumps back to "all activities". Is there any way to change it to forum home? I would appreciate this also from the SEO perspective.
  3. Does really nobody who use lazy load have problems with the CLS value in the Search Console?
  4. I have this CLS problem too but I didn't loose users. How can we bring down the bad CLS metrics to acceptable values again? On my site the bad values are only for pages with pics using lazy load. This could cause the shift.
  5. I agree with you. We need two additional features: - delete all PMs from a user - delete all subscriptions from a user
  6. Please let us define the number of chars the preview is truncated because a lot of posts contain only a couple of words. We removed the complete text preview from the emails. So the people always have to click the "go to post" button.
  7. Sorry to say this at this point but I don't understand why there is no feature for admins in the background to see the hidden posts. For me it would be essential to understand where I can improve the customer journey on my site. We don't get too much spam but we have many people not being too familiar with online communities.
  8. I got this message too. We have the FB login activated and didn't change anything in the past. We got the first warning mid of Dec. We checked the FB developer page and looked for any notes. Nothing. Beginning of Jan they deactivated our app due to the ongoing bad experience. So there seem to be something wrong with the app handling process.
  9. Hello community, do we have an overview somewhere in the backend where we can see all content of not-approved accounts? Question 2: Why can someone post a review which is being shown immediately after "sending" but before doing the final approval of the account, like it is with normal posts?
  10. I just want to force them to change their email address leaving all subscriptions and notificiations activ. Until he/she did this all notifications should be on hold. Like the "awaiting validation" status. 😉 So why not setting them back to exactly this status? The current email is invalid like it might be before first validation.
  11. Hello, just checked the new 4.4 and I'm asking myself why there is still no button to set an account back to pending. Don't you have the problem that some of the old emails don't exist anymore? In this case we get a mail bounce for every mail notification. I know that we have apps in the store but from my point of view this should be a standard feature of a community software. Are there any reasons why IPS doesn't want to include this feature? Best regards
  12. As I mentioned above all tag pages are already marked with the meta tag attribute „noindex“. Just open a tag page and check out the source code. But this meta tag has nothing to do with how often Google visits those pages.
  13. At the moment tag pages are not being indexed by default. The ipb default setting is „noindex“. Just a hint.
  14. I already found my own template condition. But Durango be careful. It's not good to use canonicals for forum pages >1 because they are not identical and I want the bot to follow all those links but not to index them. ?
  15. Hi, is there an easy way to show the ipb built-in cookie consent message also on non ipb-pages? We also have an external cms (wp) running and don't want to show another cookie consent which won't use the same setting-cookie. Thanks for any help.
  16. Yes, please implement it. We have very good experiences with easy to answer questions which can't be answered by bots or non-native people. Almost zero spam in 12 months.
  17. Hi, we have Q&A enabled for registration. This works pretty good. But how can we enable it also for the general contact form? At the moment everybody can send us mails without answering a security question and we don't want to enable reCaptcha. Q&A works perfectly.
  18. Hi, I just want to add a canonical meta tag to the club pages because this part doesn't have one yet. I already got the condition to filter those pages in globalTemplate: $location['app'] == 'core' and $location['module'] == 'clubs' and $location['controller'] == 'view' ... but I didn't find the right param to get the current page url or canonical (if available). Could somebody please give me a hint? Thanks
  19. Any feedback from other users having tried this?
  20. But the tag is assigned to hundreds of topics. ? Can I rename it in the db?
  21. Hi community, is there any way for renaming tags? For example: I just want to rename the tag "xyz" with "xyz123".
  22. Hello, I'd like to add a "follow,noindex" meta tag to the global template for all forum views > page 1. So only page 1 of every forum is being indexed. Could somebody please give me the appropriate template condition for globaltemplate? Best regards
  23. BTW, I was always thinking about the question: Who really needs this view, showing every posting of a topic? ?
  24. Any ideas how to prevent this behavior? The most critiical issue is the copyright problem. The promotion system uploads user pics to fb sites. And of course I don't want to have some one-time pics in an eye-catching album. The current system can't be used by us, unfortunately.
  25. I have an iMac too. But XAMPP is available for many platforms. https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html
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