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  1. Open globalTemplate and put your code inside of following template condition: {{if \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'register' AND \IPS\Request::i()->do == 'validate'}} Tracking code {{endif}} ... or 'validating'. Depends on your needs.
  2. Hi, why do spammers get email notifications? Simple question. Even after users have been marked as spammers they get email notifications. This makes no sense. In most cases they use one day email addresses and I get the bounce mail back. Is this a bug or a feature?
  3. Sorry MeMaBlue but we do not use the approval queue feature but showing the number of open topics makes sense.
  4. Me too. Makes no sense to have always the same sharer logo even if good images already exist in the topic.
  5. @superj707: Don't you have any ads on your site? If your site is an image site you could earn very good money with image ads.
  6. Great news, but please also implement following features: 1. Ability to exlude usergroups from the list. 2. Permission setting who can view the leaderboard.
  7. This is what I planned to do but the problem is that you can't disable the widget cache setting when creating a plugin-based widget otherwise user could see forum topics they are not allowed to see.
  8. Sorry for asking but what is the real sense of that feature? Why do I need topics in a database? At the moment I can't find a good approach. Posts contain a lot of senseless content or even sentences. Why do I want to have double content?
  9. Only first post makes in 99,9% of our cases no sense because the real good content (answer) follows after the first post.
  10. I hope we (as the admins) can customize the sidebars for every forum/section individually. The global topic/forum sidebar isn't perfect. Especially from the seo point of view. Hope this will change in 4.2.
  11. I agree with you guys BUT much worse is the embedded box of gallery images and albums in a post. I comparison with FB the viewing is very complicated and doesn't motivate die user to surf the gallery. Also the thumbnails are too small. An inline viewing (like FB) would be great. Maybe in 4.2. I hope so.
  12. BTW, is there any other parameter besides "data-excludequote" because the empty area is being shown immediately after having sent a new post? Ajax puts it to the end and shows an empty area. Only reloading the page removes it.
  13. It looks like that some user see the ad in every post of the page. I can't reproduce it on my systems but I saw the screenshots of them. Maybe $_REQUEST isn't transferred to the next post for all people. Does anybody else have this issue?
  14. Works fine. Thanks. But how can I make the images and the blockquotes flow around the ad slot? The ad div contains float:right. Text works fine but quotes and images always appear below the ad.
  15. Hi, I added a new ad slot showing in every first post of a topics page. I used following template condition to grab the first post: {{if $comment->isFirst() }} So far so good but this condition works only for the very first post of a topic. Going to page 2 it doesn't bring up the content within the first post of this page. Is there a template condition which shows me the first post of every page of a topic?
  16. Please make the live meta tag editor accessible on every page (like block editor).
  17. Yes me too. But due to the new built-in feature I'm just asking if the all activity stream is not being handled by it.
  18. Hi, .19 has the feature now to create default streams by default. We modified this setting for all existing streams. BUT how can I bring this setting also to the "All Activity" stream? Just tried to access all activity in FF privacy mode and got the expanded view BUT without the post text. We don't want to have the expanded view for guests by default. Thanks in advance for any help.
  19. I know what you mean and I agree with you. As soon as you add a sharer logo in ipb acp it ALWAYS takes this Logo and adds the og:image tag. It would be better to use images from the posts like it is if you haven't added a sharer logo.
  20. Hi, how can activate the status updates for all members by default until they switch it off? At the moment every user needs to activate it in profile settings.
  21. You can create a stream like Glen said and set it as the default "unread" stream. But there is no acp setting to exclude it from all streams.
  22. Now I got the error. It was not my template. If you disable AJAX pagination it's not possible anymore to switch pages and keep the topic selections. Just tried it with default template. I got the same problem. @opentype: Can you confirm this problem?
  23. Thanks opentype for telling me this. Switching to default template makes it possible. So I have to check my topic templates for any modifications. Again, thanks.
  24. Hi, we have a subforum with around 5000 topics and we want to move them to different other forums. We began to select all topics of one category and then we tried to switch to page 2 BUT all selected topics were gone! That's very disappointing. In topic view I can select posts over more than one page BUT I can't do this in forum view. Why? How shall I split all those 5000 topics into different forums without this feature? Now I have to do this procedure for every single page. This will take days.
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