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  1. Why not doing it offline with an easy XAMPP installation? Doing this way you could use your normal domain name editing the local host file. And of course you can do as many modifications and upgrades as you want and you have to modify nothing because emails won't be sent. That's how we do it. We have an 1:1 offline version of our live site. There we can test everything we want. Just my2cents.
  2. For some clubs it makes really sense to have an additional field for club join requests. People who want to join the club could send necessary informations (like brand name, reason for joining, ...).
  3. Hello, why are group promotion rules only being executed when a targeted user visits the forum again? For example: I have a rule for new people beeing moved to a different group after three days. But this rule is only beeing executed if a user visited the forum again. Then this special user will be moved to the next group. But if a user visits the forum no more again or only after 10 days he stays in this "three days" group. This is not perfect in the case I want to target this three-days audience. Could ips please move this promotion process to any cron job?
  4. I really need to agree with you. @Daniel F is really doing great and helpful support. No senseless extra rounds of ticket answers. Just great support. No, I don't get any money for this feedback but good people get good words.
  5. Hello ips team, could you please add a feature to apply/copy members topic follows to the new thread if I split a topic? But only for members whose posts have been moved to the new topic. This would be great!
  6. This behavior shouldn't be because I want promote fb external content; or at least there should be a switch. On the other side there could be a copyright issue if I upload foreign pics to fb.
  7. Hi, a couple of minutes a ago we promoted a topic with some selected pics to FB. Those pics are part of the topic and we don't want to create a new FB album with the selected pics. We just want it as part of the news feed like it is when we promote a topic using the fb standard way. Is it possible to disable the automatic album creation?
  8. Hi, using the build-in statistics feature I really don't like the default periods for some values. For example registration: It always shows me my registrations since 1980!!! It would be great to have a custom default range if I visit the page. Vor example daily view for the last 30 days. I know that I can customize it but I'm talking about the default view. Same problem with new topics/posts and so on. Is there already a way to change this?
  9. I've already submitted a ticket yesterday. It's still pending.
  10. On our site: Default for standard pages is http. But the default for register and login page is https. I guess this seems to be a bug.
  11. I replaced the editor block with a manual html block. Now it works. But it's an interesting issue why the editor doesn't allow https links.
  12. Hi, today I tried to implement a https register link to a custom html widget block. But after having saved it the system converts it back to a http link. I also tried to use the standard register link "{url='app=core&module=system&controller=register' seoTemplate='register' protocol='\IPS\Settings::i()->logins_over_https'}" After saving it's %7Burl='app=core&module=system&controller=register'%20seoTemplate='register'%20protocol='%5CIPS%5CSettings::i()->logins_over_https'%7D Any ideas how to get a https register link?
  13. But users marked as spammers still get email notificiations. This should be fixed.
  14. Hi, is it possible to use the social promotion feature with the official fanpage account? We don't want to pushlish news on our FB fanpage with our private Account. Posting on fanpages I can normally choose between personal and fanpage account.
  15. Hi, just tried to open a db entry creation form in ips-dialog mode. This doesn't work anymore in 4.2. We did this all the time with 4.1 because it's an easy and fast way for members to add articles and db entries. Does anybody else have this problem? ---- Doing this in 4.2 grays out the screen only but shows no dialog (except the dialog title).
  16. If it would be that easy. We have around 100k users and I can't check them all.
  17. Hello @Teddy Rogers, what did support say? Today we did a test upgrade with our 1:1 xampp copy of our live board and had exactly the same problem with some users. But support asked us for access we can't do because of xampp. Anyone else having broken profile avatars after upgrade?
  18. @Fosters: Once Fosters had an app to set members back to validating. Great app. To be honest. I don't understand why there is no built-in feature to set members back to a validating status?? We have so many old emails which are not valid anymore and we want to force them to change their email address.
  19. My test system isn't a copy of my life system. There I have 10 testing profiles only. Yes, the profile links show broken images which don't exist amymore.
  20. Hi, sorry but I don't understand why forums in clubs are called topics. If I add a forum to a club it can contain topics but the area itself is a forum and not a topic. So the word "Topics" in the "Manage Club" pull down should show "Forum". This is very confusing.
  21. Am I really the only one having this issue? I can't open a ticket because I got it on my testing system. But I do not want to upgrade my life site if there is a chance loosing all my profile pics.
  22. Hi, today I upgraded my testboard. After having finished the procedure successfully we had no more profile pics. The link is still there but the files are gone. Our testboard has no template mods. What happened? Anybody else had this strange behavior?
  23. Hi, today a user tried to upload a >6000 pixel pic and got an error 200 during the upload process. Is there any existing problem with pics having those dimensions? Pics with around 5k pixels don't cause any errors.
  24. Try to use following disallowed link filter: http://*twitter.com/Xuser/* https://*twitter.com/Xuser/*
    Wow, very cool app. Exactly what I was looking for. Hope for final 4.2 asap to get this app online. Thanks foster.
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