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  1. Do we have to run the "Achievement Rebuild" feature every time we make changes to ranks or achievements if we want to affect the past points our members have received? We changed our ranks back to our old rule system from before the update, but points are being awarded according to this rule system only from the point it was created. (i.e. we changed it on June 30 and only since then have people received points according to the rule system we set in place. Their points prior to the change are still according to the default ranking system that was put in place after the update.) Does this make sense? Has anyone else tried and succeeded (or failed) by using the Achievement Rebuild feature?
  2. We've created a group for "Founding Members" so we can give them a special badge... But the "rank" badge is showing up as well. Since we've just switched to invision, our founding members (who have lots of posts in the old platform) are getting a badge for our newer members --- which is kind of contradictory. Would be great to exclude the founding member group from the "ranking" system so they don't get these rank badges
  3. Suggestion for making the UX experience more cohesive. On most sites where you use text editors (like the one I'm typing in here)... You can hit "command + K" (on a mac) to add a hyperlink. In invision, the only way to add a link to text is to click the little linky icon in the editing menu. Would be great to have this shortcut!
  4. I have installed version 2.0 with my Invision 4.5, however I am not seeing the plugin working correct and cannot find the 'change post author' link inside my topics. Anyone else having this issue?
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