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  1. Exactly! I meant Pages database. Anyway, thank you very much for the answers @Linux-Is-Best and @Morrigan 😊
  2. Hello! There is a way to convert database records into forum topics?
  3. No, its a clean installation on localhost over MAMP 5.2 and Safari 12.0.3.
  4. When I'm uploading an image to Gallery and click on "Use rich text editor" to edit image description it opens two editors. How to fix that?
  5. The rank indication symbols below the member title
  6. Hello! The IPS Community Suite is actually the best software in so many aspects. The Reputation System and the Rank System are two powerful engagement tools, but it's still the same from a long time. People like to follow their own progress online, and trophies, medals or special badges are here to prove it. It would be nice if this system were natively improved. The rank system can be more advanced, showing to the members how many points/posts they should make to reach the next level/rank. In the ACP, you can configure which actions will generate rank points. This rank/level can be shown in the member profile as a progress bar (or another graphics) with different colors for each different level/rank instead of a static image or black dots with an impact phrase/title, as some plugins to XenForo do (progress bar). In XenForo they call this "Trophy points" natively – They're better than black dots, again. This is nothing more than an idea that I think is good for improving an old/deprecated IPS ranking/black-dots system. A very helpful system today.
  7. You can Improve the "Rank" system, making it more similar to "level system" of Steam as example. By this way, members will be able to upgrade with more than posting content, using custom criteria to earn "points" that will be used to level-up. And also add an interface to show members their actual account level and how many points they need to upgrade to next level/rank.
  8. Hello Fosters! I'll give some suggestions to the app Separate Trophies and Medals front-end navigation by categories, like this MyBB system: Add a way to members exchange some selected/permitted awards Add a criteria to award based on date periods, eg: between November 25 - 25 (Christmas Award) Add a criteria to award based on time periods, eg: between 03:00 AM - 07:00 PM Add a criteria to award based on which forum/gallery/download category user is posting content. (integration with Post Areas, maybe?) Add a criteria to award if user was already banned (shame award). And based on warning level. Add a criteria to award if user is accessing the board from another country. Based on location Add a criteria to sell some awards over Commerce. Add a criteria to award only if member is a club leader. Add a option to members rearrange the display of awards on their profile/post bit. Based on group permissions That's all folks πŸ™‚
  9. If someone need this solution too: Go to your themes page, click on "Edit HTML & CSS" Click on Templates Now, navigate to gallery > front > view Open these templates: imageFrame and imageLightboxFrame Find this lines and remove it <li class='ipsMenu_item'> <a href='{$image->url('download')}' title='{lang="download"}'><i class='fa fa-fw fa-download'></i> {lang="download"}</a> </li> All done! The button download is gone πŸ™‚
  10. Does anyone know how to remove the "download" button from Gallery images?
  11. Of course! Gallery need some improvements like that.
  12. Hello @Nathan Explosion! It's possible to override the mention display in topics to show the formatted username in the mention instead of this blue mention tag? There's a MyBB plugin that do exactly that: https://community.mybb.com/mods.php?action=view&amp;pid=29 I don't know if your plugin already does this. If yes, I'm going to buy it.
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