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  1. Ban Users From Topics

    Can you "Ban" groups with this or only individual users?
  2. Videos Support

    Does anyone have a list of video sites with oEmbed? Also, is there a tutorial for adding videos from random video sites with no oEmbed?
  3. chat?

    Have you been living under a rock for the last 6 months? IPS stopped offering the chat on May 1st.
  4. Can you modify this so that we can hide links, codes, images, and attachments from certain groups altogether? The idea being that only certain member groups can see this content I.e. Premium Members, for all other member groups it's hidden until they upgrade to a premium membership.
  5. Recycle Bin for Forum

    It would be better if it sent posts there and not just topics.
  6. (BIM42) Hide Link And Code

    Great plugin! Does exactly what it says. If you run a paid membership forum this is indispensable.
  7. Any IPS 4.1 high-load community examples?

    I run an adult site and I don't trust many of the dedicated server hosting companies. A lot of them just don't seem to be run very professionally and they aren't afraid to suspend accounts over little things (one of my accounts got suspended because of a "DDoS attack" when really it was just a lot of legitimate traffic). Also, they often times don't have the same backup options, security features, or support. So yes a dedicated server with great specs might be cheaper but it's also more risky imho.
  8. Any IPS 4.1 high-load community examples?

    He's my experience for what it's worth. My site gets 15K - 20K visitors per day and I have been having serious slowness issues. Initially my site was running on a VPS with 8GB of RAM and 24 shared cores. I ran into a storage issue where the VPS only allowed up to a 200GB of storage so I had to move to a different server. I first moved to a dedicated server with 4 cores and 8 GB of RAM. I thought being on a VPS would provide better performance, but boy was I wrong. The site quickly overwhelmed the 4 cores and was basically unusable. I then decided my only option was to move back to the VPS, and offload attachments to Amazon S3. Well, Amazon S3 is insanely expensive for bandwidth it was running about 400 per month just for S3 storage, and the site was still slow. So my next try was to move the database over to Amazon RDS which again was insanely expensive it was $11 for about 8 hours of use (imagine the monthly cost) and was very slow due to latency. I then decide to spin up another VPS just for the database, and move the site and attachments back to a dedicated server. Well everything was still very slow and PHP was eating up all the CPU even with no MySQL running on the server, I was getting 64 Server load with 4 cores! So here is the fix and it's like night and day. I installed Easy Apache 4 and installed php 7 with memcached. The site is now faster than it's ever been even with 2k users on. So if your site is slow I would highly recommend upgrading to PHP 7. This took me about 2 months to figure out but, the site is blazing fast now. My current setup is: 4 GB 24 core VPS that only runs MySQL, and a 4 core 8 GB dedicated server that runs the forum.
  9. Ban Users From Topics

    Is there a way to replace "ban" with "No Access" or "You must upgrade to see this" ? This could be a useful feature for sites that work off a premium membership model, but the word "ban" sounds punitive.
  10. (NE) Hide replies from guests

    I will gladly pay 4x what you're asking if you can figure out a way to make this hide inserted images from guest and members. IPB is missing a HUGE feature for forums that work off of paid memberships. Currently, there is no way to prevent guest from seeing images that have been uploaded as attachments and then inserted into posts
  11. Social Stream

    I don't get why anyone would give Administrative access to their site so that a mod creator can troubleshoot their own work. It's a bad practice, and it puts your members and yourself at risk, particularly if you accept payments on your website. Secondly, what is to stop someone from knowingly creating a mod that doesn't work so that they can demand admin access to customer sites to steal information? Does IPB handout administrative to access to third-party mod developers? I don't have ill will towards HeadStand. The mod simply isn't working on my site, and I am not willing to put my site at risk so that she can troubleshoot it. When I buy something I expect it to work, It's not working so I would like a refund. It's that simple. Quite frankly Andy the fact that you are supportive of people handing out this kind of information is scary. What other company says "Yeah, go ahead and give anonymous people on the internet full access to your website".
  12. Social Stream

    1. You didn't respond for 10 days after I posted the error log and asked if that was helpful. 2. I wrote it in quotes because I didn't test it my self and I couldn't verify that it fixed anything. 3. I wasn't saying that you asked me for access after my post. I was saying that you only offered to setup a test environment after that post. Asking people to give you full admin access is not a reasonable expectation. I have not received a response since last Saturday.
  13. Social Stream

    I sent an e-mail to on Saturday.
  14. Social Stream

    I have a duty to protect my member's information. I am not going to hand out administrative access to my site just to get this mod working. There is nothing special about my site in terms of customization, and I only have one third-party application and it hasn't caused an issue with any other plugin or app that I've installed. If you choose to put your member's information at risk by giving administrative access away to so that people can troubleshoot their own apps then so be it, but I am not willing to take that risk. My comment about the support being lacking, was in reference to the fact that it took 10 days to get a response after I posted the error log that I was getting, and her response was that the error message was unrelated even though later she apparently updated the mod to "fix" the issue . She said that AFTER I made my comment about wanting a refund.
  15. Social Stream

    I'll just stick with the refund. The juice clearly isn't worth the squeeze. I was really just trying to test this out based on a recommendation from someone else. I know it might seem old fashioned, but when I buy something I expect it to work right out of the box.