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  1. Will you be updating the theme for 4.6?
  2. Reinstalling the theme appears to have fixed the issues that I was having. However, there is still an issue with the logo. It basically centers the logo and makes it much larger than it used to be. How can I fit the logo in the red box illustrated below? It's the top left-hand corner of the forum. That's where I had the logo with the previous version. Other than that, everything else is looking good! Edit: resizing the logo before uploading fixed my issue. Last question how do I alight the logo to the left instead of center? My menu is left-aligned so I want the logo to be left aligned also. Thanks.
  3. How do I change the background color to match the forum grayish color? Nothing I do appears to change the purple/bluish border. Help... Essentially, I want it to have the same colors as it had before with the white/grey theme. Also, the logo size feature doesn't appear to work. It doesn't change. The color border is what I am talking about. I want to change it to grey.
  4. Just bought this, and its super buggy for me. 1. I am unable to add content as the input box is just not there: 2. If I try putting a youtube video in the "Content Blocks" it appears for a while, but then for some inexplicable reason it starts showing an iframe of the forum itself.
  5. Fyi, this fixed the issue for me. I had to manually run the mysql update. Installing the new patch didn't fix it by itself.
  6. It's as if the forums are deleted. They just don't show up anywhere. There are no forums at all. However, I can create new forums without issue, and I see that there 650+ forum ids in the database.
  7. Interesting, thank you. That sounds like it might be on the right track. It's almost as if the IPB software can't see any of the forums or posts made before the change was made. It's even blank in the ACP.
  8. So an Admin of mine apparently tried to rename a discussion forum or category, after doing that ALL of the forums disappeared. As in the forum is blank. The weird thing is that the forums, posts, and topics all appear in the database and all appear okay. What is also weird is that you can even see the missing forums when you use the site search feature to find them, but they throw an error if you try to access them. Has anyone had something like this happen on their board? What is also weird is that I can create new forums and posts just fine. I don't see any obvious errors as it appears that the forum is working fine for new posts. All other features are working, its almost like forums were deleted, but if that were the case they wouldn't be sitting in the database.
  9. When embedding links from gyfcat they suddenly appear shrunk. Is there a way to set them to "normal size"? I don't recall making any changes that would have caused this to happen, but they didn't used to do this. Here is an example (the white space is the video area).
  10. How do enlarge the font on the default theme? I've tried google and old posts reference a CSS Style Sheet that apparently doesn't exist anymore.
  11. Don't mean to be critical, but you should make this more clear on the listing page. I bought this thinking I could use it to display industry specific rss feeds on my forum, when in actuality this just gives you the ability setup your own rss feeds based on your own "news".
  12. When embedding a video it will show the preview as expected, however, when you hit post the video never loads as if it wasn't even there. I am self hosted on the latest vesion of IPB I am also using cloudflare. Any ideas? Is this a permissions issue? Is there some php setting that I need to enable?
  13. Any time I try to install this app I get this error: The application you uploaded cannot be installed because it is not a valid application, the archive is corrupt or the file and directory permissions in /applications do not allow it. Is there a way to manually upgrade it? I am able to upgrade other applications using the builtin upgrade tool.
  14. Thank you! This is what I was looking for. Though, I took the general advise and moved to Wasabi. I'll try that out for a few months.
  15. 1. I am at the highest VPS package that my host has, and my options are either move to a dedicated server (added expense, plus hassle to move), or figure out how to add additional disk space for attachments. I actually just setup Wasabi as mentioned by someone else in this thread. I'll see how that works. 2. I'll check them out, I did a search google but I wasn't able to find anything relevant to what I was doing. 3. That was in reference to a different, larger forum that I own. I wasn't using a CDN so I think that contributed to it, I also didn't notice any real performance improvements so I just got a larger dedicated server.
  16. Put simply my question is: Is it possible to add a secondary hard drive to a VPS to store attachments?
  17. I am using it solely for attachments. I tried S3 before but it was VERY expensive I was spending $400 - $500 per month for hosting and bandwidth fees. Also, AWS isn't very DMCA friendly, in other words, if you get a few per year that can be enough for them to suspend your account, and if they do that you may lose all access to your content, even if it's over something stupid like an avatar image.
  18. Is there a tutorial for this by chance? I don't see a way to point to a secondary disk, only the primary disk where the forum software lives.
  19. My forum runs on a VPS and it's running out of space. I've maxed out the 100 GB limit. In any case, I am wondering if I add a second disk to the server if I can use that to store uploads? Does anyone know if this is possible? Basically use: /dev/sdb1 for uploads.
  20. Would uninstalling and then reinstalling fix the issue? Edit: I reinstalled and everything is working fine. Fyi, I wasn't able to remove the "block" on the competition page as instructed as there was no block. It appears to be hard coded. Also, has the task issue that you mentioned been fixed?
  21. After upgrading I get this error when clicking on "Active Competition": Error: Call to undefined method IPS\competition\Entry::currentLeaders() (0) #0 /home/mysite/public_html/applications/competition/modules/front/potm/index.php(47): IPS\competition\modules\front\potm\_index->index() #1 /home/mysite/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\competition\modules\front\potm\_index->execute() #2 /home/mysite/public_html/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #3 {main} When clicking on a previously submitted photo (prior to the 1.1 upgrade) I get this:
  22. Okay, so I should be all set when I upgrade to 1.1?
  23. Sorry, I don't provide access to my board to third parties. I am happy to provide screenshots though. Again, the previous winners is completely empty. It's like it's just wiping out all entries at the start of a new month. Unless, i have to manually select the winner or something.
  24. Okay, so last month I had people submit entries, but then they disappeared at the start of this month. They aren't showing up in "Past winners" or whatever it's called. How do I get them to show up? It's kind of pointless if people can't see who won after the month ends.
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