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  1. Hi @Mike John I have a technical problem with the proper functioning of the application. I sent you a private message with details and a screenshot. Could you have a look at it? Message sent Saturday at 07:30 PM Thank you and greetings 😉
  2. Hi @Andy Millne In the e-mail notification there is a button to the celebrity gallery. The button directs to https://example.com/competition/history/?controller=index&tab=history=index&tab=history, which doesn't exist: Sorry, there's a problem. Page Not Found. Error code: 2S106/1 How can I change this link to the right one? I think it should be: https://example.com/competition/history/ Thank you for your help. Greetings 😉
  3. Thanks. I'll wait for the next release of the application. Maybe this option will appear 🙂
  4. Hi @Andy Millne Is there an option to enable voting for guests? Thank you for your information and greetings 😃
  5. Works perfectly. Thank you for your help
  6. Thanks. Installed. I'll check and let you know if it's ok
  7. I was also surprised how I saw it. If it happens again, I will write to you. Regards Darek
  8. I do not use any other plugin. Sometimes my post is first and sometimes the second
  9. Hi @Adriano Faria I have a problem. It sometimes happens that an automated response appears before the post of a new forum user.
  10. Please help, because the application doesn't work
  11. Cool. I'm looking forward to version 1.0.6 Will you tell me what condition to apply to exclude an ad from the login page? https://example.com/login/
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