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  1. I agree, totally counter productive to have the user dig around in a submenu within a submenu to access the classified pages. Just have a navigation tab on the MAIN menu with a sub-menu within that that links to these things. PLEASE 🙂
  2. Very excited about the 'forthcoming' versions, finally everything I've been wanting from this! 2.2 Feedback system (March 2020)2.2 MyClassifieds Page (March 2020)2.3 Advert filters #2 (custom fields) (deadlines to be defined, for sure after 4.5)3.0 Direct transactions (it can works also without IP.Commerce) (deadlines to be defined, for sure after 4.5) APP will also be improved based on feedback and suggestions (that will be pondered by me due to technical reasons) When will we see 2.2 and hopefully 2.3. As it is after March, we're 2 months overdue. Thanks 🙂
  3. it'd sure be nice if you added the obvious ability to SEARCH FOR CLUBS. It's bizarre that you haven't added this basic functionality yet already.
  4. @InvisionHQ is there any way to have a widget/sidebar filter that filters listings by extra fields? If not is there a way I can pay you to do this as a custom job? Please let me know 🙂 Also in the settings it says it allows users to pay the advertiser directly. However when someone goes to buy something the money/paypal transaction goes to MY paypal account, not the advertiser. Surely I can't be expected to facilitate every transaction and manage all the money between buyers/sellers.... I can't even begin to imagine the tax implications of all that money passing through my accounts. Why can't the advertiser put their paypal in and have the paypal payment go to them?
  5. I may have mentioned this before, but the ability to search for clubs would be very handy!
  6. This is amazing, finally I am glad someone is helping make finding clubs easier. Is there a chance you could potentially one day add functionality to this addon or another that allows us to search for clubs?
  7. I've been wanting the same thing for a while, my RSS feeds are flooding my fluid view list.
  8. IPS Developers if you're listening - please entertain this idea for 4.4. - Being able to search for clubs via the search system. (not content within clubs but clubs themselves)The reason I ask is I want to build a site around hobbies and use the clubs system as the core focus of the site. Well I anticipate there being quite a number of clubs and manually searching through lists/pages of clubs for a specific club may become tedious. Would there be a way in which you could include clubs in the search results and approach this in a similar way to how reddit deals with finding subreddits within their search. I've attached a picture.For example, if our site has 200+ clubs and a user is wanting to find a club about knitting - they would have scroll through pages to TRY and see if such a club existed. However if they were to search for 'knitting' using the search tool - perhaps all the clubs relating to knitting will show and suggest or allow the user to join them. Perhaps incorporating tags into clubs and have the search results pull from tags/name of the club to form results would be a good way to make this happen.If you have the time, I'd love to see your thoughts on this. The clubs system is such a wonderful feature on invision and I'd love to see more done with it!Thanks for your time!
  9. Please include clubs in the search tool... common sense. Especially for communities with large amounts of clubs or for sites that use the clubs as the core purpose of the site!
  10. @Christopher Anderson I really don't think those are bad looking. People want to see as much of the club photo as possible, and the default view is more ideal. @Adriano Faria@InvisionHQAlso, a feature request. Can we have the option for mods to add a custom sidebar just as we can on blogs? That will allow club owners/mods to add links or relevant content in the sidebar giving them a bit more customisation control of how their club. I'm more than willing to pay to fast-track this feature. Example below: Also would it be possible to create a module that allows people to search for clubs?
  11. Ah bummer ? how hard would it be for a developer to create a plugin/extension for ips search that would also display clubs and blogs above the content results? Would it be worth paying someone to do that or would that be an extensive job? I thought it may be worth asking your opinion since you develop a ton of awesome software for IPS. I appreciate you getting back to me ? Thanks!
  12. IPS is generally uncaring and has no interest in listening to paying customer feedback. Especially if suggestions are so small and simple to implement and would massively improve their applications. It's a case of like it or lump it with IPS most of the time. Good luck
  13. Would you be able to add the ability to search for clubs? I'm building a site with clubs and blogs at its core and it's baffling to me that IPS wouldn't list related clubs when a user searches for something. ie. If a user searches ferrari, any clubs with ferrari in their name will be listed alongside their clubs logo.
  14. Yes, the name/description of the clubs. The search results page should have the option to show relevant clubs, blogs etc... above any content. Especially when a site may have 30-100+ clubs it could possibly be tedious having to find the relevant club. The closest thing i can think of to draw a comparison is Reddit. When you search on reddit for a subject, it'll show you relevent communities first then show you content below. I doubt it'd be very hard for IPS to add a part above the content listing relevent clubs, blogs etc... and perhaps have an option in ACP or search filter whether or not to show club/blog results in the search results page.
  15. I second this, it's a litte bit sloppy that things aren't consistent across the site!
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