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  1. @Fosters, any response or news on this? If not, I’d like to request a refund as, apart from the bug, the plugin messes up my ACP menu.
  2. @Fosters, renewal for my purchase of this app is now due. There’s no point in my renewing an app I haven’t been able to use due to the issues previously mentioned. It’s been 4 months since you said you’ll address these critical issues, and nothing’s been done about it since. There’s also been no reply to my last post of 24 November. Consequently, I’m asking you for a refund.
  3. I shouldn't think so, I have both plugins and they work fine together for me.
  4. You are super fast! Thanks, it works a treat now
  5. That is what I wanted, and precisely for the reasons you mention It's just that as there's a button/option to enable or disable searches made by admins, I thought I'd test it and it doesn't show admin searches regardless of whether that button is on or off. Or have I misunderstood what that button/option does?
  6. Wow, that was extra super quick for those new features, thanks! Store searches by admins: isn’t storing searches by admins, regardless of whether it’s enabled or disabled. That’s fine by me, as it’s what I asked for , but is it maybe a bug that it's not storing admin searches at all?
  7. 1) A preview of colour changes would be a great idea! 2) Your answer to 1) explained the time it takes; mine's a quiet forum, so that's why it took a while to show any changes. 4) That would be super handy too, thanks
  8. Re the coloured tags for search wall: - Is there a way to reset colours when testing variations? Eg: changing colours in the settings only seems to affect new searches, not previous ones? - How long should it be before any colour changes take place? It seems to be at least 24 hrs... Could “Search Ledger” be the top menu, please, so that when clicking on the ACP menu it takes you to the ledger instead of to settings? Might there be any possibility to disable search terms by admin? I often search for a topic for admin reasons and not out of interest. Having to keep deleting these in ACP is a bit of a pain (especially as there aren’t checkboxes to choose multiple entries...).
  9. No, not the front-end profile tabs (like in your screenshot), it’s nothing to do with profiles or the front-end. I mean the main ACP menu on the left-hand side of the ACP, which has System, Community, Members, Customisation, etc. If you reorder this menu, it should retain its reordering when closing and reopening your browser, but it wasn't quite working as it should: If I kept the ACP open in my browser at all times (ie, as a browser tab), the ACP menu retained any reordering when I closed and reopened my browser. This is correct. If you're someone who always keeps the ACP open in your browser when you close your browser, you won't notice the problem. BUT - and this was the problem - If I closed the ACP, so that it wasn't in my browser tabs, the ACP menu lost my reordering when I closed and reopened my browser. The order of tabs in the ACP menu reverted to the default ordering. This is not correct. I initially thought it was an IPS problem, to do with the “ips4_acpTabs” cookie (“This cookie is used to track your ACP tab preferences”), and I opened a support ticket about it. IPS support told me to disable all my plugins and apps to see if the problem still exists with them all disabled. Once I disabled them all, the problem didn't still exist, which meant an add-on was causing it. To try to find the cause, I then had to re-enable them one-by-one, to find which add-on might be causing this. This entailed re-enabling one add-on, rearranging the ACP menu (to check if it would retain my reordering when I next opened my browser) and closing the browser tab for the ACP and closing my browser, then reopening my browser, reopening the ACP, logging back in, checking the ACP menu order, re-enabling the next add-on and starting the process again - for every single add-on every time I re-enabled one. I did this long and painstakingly tedious job, and it was only the Member History Management app causing the problem, none of the others caused my ACP menu to rearrange itself by itself under the circumstances mentioned above... I've therefore had to uninstall the app, sorry.
  10. Sorry @Fosters, I’ve just spent hours trying to figure out why my ACP menu tabs custom ordering wasn’t saving when closing my ACP browser tab and browser - on re-opening my browser, my ACP menu wasn’t retaining my custom ordering. I went through a whole process of disabling all apps and then re-enabling apps, one by one, whilst closing my ACP browser tab and browser and re-opening my browser on re-enabling each app. Unfortunately, this app was the culprit: when disabled and all other apps enabled, my ACP menu keeps my custom order and doesn’t lose it. Between this problem and the one I previously mentioned, I’m afraid this app is now unusable for me. I could just about put up with the errors mentioned above, but having my ACP menu tabs, and the menu items within each of them, rearranging themselves was driving me nuts.
  11. Thanks. Hopefully, it'll get fixed one way or another
  12. This is a very hand app, thanks for making it @Fosters, but I unfortunately have a problem when clicking on the Member History tab in front end profiles. 1/ In some cases, with some but not all members who joined before installing the app: Going to page 2 throws it back to Activity tab. 2/ With most, if not all, new members since installing the app, it throws these errors: Front End Error: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0 ACP Error 1: Template store key: template_3_29694959576e7435f97592bfc95869ec_members missing (core, front, members) ACP Error 2 ErrorException: template_store_missing (0) - Additionally: On the ACP dedicated page: Page 1 shows 25 entries. Going to Page 2, shows 5: which are the 6th - 10th entries from Page 1. Going back to Page 1, it then only shows 5 entries and not 25. - Feature request: In the ACP dedicated page, would it be possible, please, to make it so that clicking on the members name takes you to their member page in ACP Members instead of sending you to their forum profile, which takes you away from the ACP?
  13. Pete, your screenshot of Members Online Today from IPB v.3 is identical to a screenshot of it that I also have. Thanks for keeping going a version that will show X hours Would you please remind me, as I'm still using your older 4.2 version for this reason, will there be an option to show names instead of avatars? (sorry if it's already been mentioned, but the original version of this plugin only showed avatars and not names)
  14. @Fosters I bought the app in July and have patiently waited since September for a reply to the above... Will there be an update coming, dealing with the various issues mentioned by others as well as myself? If so, how soon? If not, I’d really hate to have to ask for a refund for another of your apps; I’d prefer not to have to, but the app’s currently buggy, making it unusable for its purpose... The idea behind Bookmarks is excellent, it would be so nice to have it working properly
  15. You need the “error_log” file in the root of your domain/forum. You need to access it via FTP or via cPanel's "File Manager". It's a text file but has no file type as such, you can open it with a plain text editor. This error_log shows PHP errors, but not necessarily every single one. The "Errors" area in cPanel is different, it shows you errors relating to URLs, eg: bad urls, often due to bots or wannabe hackers trying to find a non-existent URL, hence "File not found". If you have shell access (which I don't), you may be able to view other error logs in apache?
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