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  1. I’m also a fan of back to top buttons It can also be an accessibility thing. On mobile devices, having the button can mean not having to move your hand to the top of your device (if tapping the top works) when your hand’s at the bottom, having used it to scroll down - most people I know, with or without accessibility issues, swipe with their finger resting towards the bottom of the screen, not at the top. On desktops, your hand might be on the mouse, and you don’t want to have to leave your mouse to hit a key, let alone a combination of keys (not everybody can reach two, let alone three, keys). This might all seem petty or negligible to some people, but can be important to those with less dexterity. Plus, why not add something that makes life easier and quicker for those who choose to use the button? If people prefer to get back to the top by reaching to the top to tap, or move their hand off the mouse to hit a key, they can always ignore the back to top button
  2. It would be so super wonderful if you were able to keep it, whether free or paid. It really does make such a difference, turning the normally boring avatars into graded ones with lovely colours (that somehow seem to blend in well with my forum colours). A few of my members have also had fun with creating their own. It's a big app and it always surprised me that it was free for such an app (these days, anyway!).
  3. I guess that means Names 2 Avatars won't be updated... 😭 I don't suppose you'd maybe make it a paid app? I'd be happy to pay for it if it meant it could continue.
  4. @Davyc Archiving seems (to me, at least) to be more of a "grave yard" sort of thing... I didn't think it would be suitable for your needs. What you (maybe me too) are looking for is something that can automate moving topics that are older than X days from a particular forum to another forum. I've no idea if this add-on (or its full version) might help? Then there's the matter of if it'll be compatible with v.4.4...
  5. Info about archiving is here: The following may or may not be important to you (italics are mine for emphasis): Personally, I find that topics not showing in search results is a bit of a no-no... Also, if you want people to reply, even if at a much later date than that of the news topic, they won't be able to.
  6. I too have a “News” forum on my support forum, where I use the RSS feeds feature to pull in articles from other sites. My forum (now 14 years old) is very much quieter than it used to be, as I guess many users moved to one or more of the many Facebook Groups for the same condition. In the past, I used to use a plugin to delete news topics older than X days (eg, 3, 4, 6 months). As similar plugins for IPS 4 are no longer available (although they still exist), I’ve now got a “News” forum with 100s of topics, and before long it will end up with as many topics as my main forum has. It also means that the “All Activity” feed is flooded with these news items Ideally, I’d prefer to be able to use Pages to do the same thing by pulling in articles via RSS feeds (with the images from the articles, same as it does in forums), particularly as the items are originally articles and not discussion topics per se. If it were in a Pages database, it then wouldn’t start dwarfing the other forums when it comes to the number of topics in each forum. It too, though, wouldn’t stop “All Activity” being flooded with these. But doing it in Pages is not possible, at least not that I'd know how (I tried the one app that’s supposed to do this, but it didn’t work for me). So, yes, I’d tend to agree with your suggestion, especially as some news items can become out of date.
  7. I sent a PM on 2 February, but haven't heard back yet. Did you get it OK?
  8. Thanks for the heads-up. I'd already decided not to upgrade till I knew my tons of add-ons were compatible! Insane indeed...
  9. That'll be wonderful, Dawid, thanks so much!
  10. Forgive me, but I'm a little confused here... What does the Keyword page, with the A-Z tabs do? Might there be a demo somewhere for it, or might another user be willing to give a link to their forum with Keywords on it, so's I can see how that page works? Not necessarily, the Keywords app might still be useful, whether as a replacement for IPS's acronyms feature or not especially if it can show keywords on mobiles, being as IPS's acronym feature doesn't.
  11. I love this plugin, it's so handy! Would it be possible, please, to add a list somewhere of all topics I've added notes to (only publicly visible to me)? Something like "Noted Topics" for instance? Unless I’m missing where it might be (if such a list exists), I might forget that I’ve added a note to a topic or I might forget which topic I’ve added a note to, so I have to scroll through pages and pages of topics to look for the icon next to the topic title.
  12. Keyword Tooltip I’m thinking of maybe getting this app, and have a couple of questions, please. We use a lot of 3-letter acronyms, commonly used in the subject matter of my forum, which can’t be searched for as Search can’t/won’t work for 3-letter words. How does the Keyword (index) page work? Do the A-Z tabs list by keyword or by topic title; or, can you sort by keyword? If it can list/sort by keyword, it could would mean that people could use the Keyword page to search through them for those 3-letter words/acronyms? As an example (not my subject matter), by going to the C tab, it would show topics that contain the keyword "CSS". Can you set case sensitivity, so that it doesn't confuse an acronym with a dictionary word, such as "ON", or is that what the Keyword Alias is for? This works fine with IPS's Acronym Expansion when it's marked as case sensitive (ie, in capitals).
  13. Thanks. I’m planning on adding a 2nd menu in the header position, a bit like how IPS have their menu at the very top (in white). I was hoping that maybe there was, or could be, a way of combining this 2nd menu with the main menu for MGM’s mobile menu, same as IPS have combined 2 of their 3 menus in their mobile menu. I’ve already tried the option to disable hiding the 2nd menu on mobiles, but it’s not what I’d like (and I seem to remember it doesn’t display that well if there are more than a couple of items). I guess I’ll have to stick to using IPS’s menu manager purely for the mobile menu, and adding items from the 2nd menu to it, and remembering to duplicate menu items on it . I dislike their menu manager, the drop-down system in the manager is awful as well as hidden away, and it can generally be too restrictive at times... I’d have preferred to use MGM’s mobile version of the menu as it’s better, but if I can’t, I can’t I think I’d tend to agree re having a hamburger menu on a desktop. I hate it when sites don’t have a “normal” menu on desktops and show a hamburger instead: too much unnecessary clicking around for a desktop browser. Two hamburgers on a mobile, yes, I’ve seen that elsewhere and I can see how some people might find it “confusing”, although I might not, depending on how it’s presented.
  14. Menu Groups Manager If one’s using two menus, and has “Remove Primary” in the settings, is there a way to add the 2nd menu to MGM's mobile menu?
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