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Commerce Withdrawal issue

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Setting up an education app with Commerce that collects from students and pays out teachers for lessons. 

Payments for lessons work as expected.  

When I try to test withdrawals for the teachers I get the below message.

A configuration or server error has occurred

1X200/1 Authorization error occurred.

I have the same PayPal Client ID and Secret password for Withdrawals and Payments   ACP > Commerce > Settings > PayPal 


Could contain: Page, Text, File

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5 minutes ago, John Horton said:

@Marc Stridgen Can you confirm that PayPal allows this functionality? Are other IPS sites able to use withdrawals? Reading other threads it looks as if PayPal may have disabled this functionality.

We used this functionality in our Marketplace up until we closed it. However, looking in PayPal's docs, the functionality for Payouts does still exist.


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