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Registration Template Modification - I'm Getting Old


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I modified the user registration screen and now for the life of me don't remember where. Trying to use the search is useless it appears as you  have to be smart enough what words to search with. It returns ZIP. No results. In the Theme area.  Here is what I am talking about below. Thanks!


Could contain: File, Electronics, Pc, Computer Hardware, Hardware, Monitor, Screen, Webpage, Text, Page

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4 minutes ago, jucs said:

Yeah, no dice. Blank result.

What am I doing wrong?>


Could contain: Computer, Electronics, Pc, File, Screen, Computer Hardware, Hardware, Monitor


You are seraching the themes area. The one you need is the Search templates area. You can find it when clicking the Edit Html and Css button for the theme that you are using as default. 

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Option 1 - you've entered the actual text into a template...

Edit your theme's HTML:

Could contain: Page, Text

and then type "To protect" into the search bar:

Could contain: File, Page, Text, Webpage


If it finds that text in a template, you'll get a result.

Option 2 - you've entered the text in a language string:

Start translating:

Could contain: File, Webpage, Text, Page

And then type "To protect" in the search bar (type more of the string to refine results):

Could contain: Text, Page

If it finds it in a language string, then there will be a result.


Still don't find it? Then correct...

5 minutes ago, jucs said:

No one seems to know where this is?


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