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Invision Community Insight: Mid-August update

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☀️ Welcome to this week's Invision Community Insight! ☀️

Thank you for checking out this quick, round up post. I hope you have a great weekend.

Our updates will continue to be brief. Version 5 has been a big focus for our team so far this year and we are making great progress! We will begin sharing non-technical updates soon.


Current Happenings

For our Cloud customers, I did want to draw your attention to our post: Changes to traffic control. Please ask any questions that you have there. 


The August release will be ready late this month and will include our spam improvements. Our August release chat is scheduled as well. Join us live if you can or catch the video and discussion in the converted topic after the event. 



With that said, changes for version 4 are limited for now but for those that like to see what we are up to line by line, here is the changelog for the week for version 4. 


- Fixed an issue where profanity filters that block words did not work on content titles.
- Fixed an issue where deleting a node via the API
- Removed an orphan referrals module.

- Fixed an issue where the calendar time period links would default to the main calendar when viewing clubs.
- Fixed an issue where the next/prev month navigation links may not work in certain timezones.


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