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Pages: date and time field without timezone adjusting

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I have created a date / time field in Pages. 

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I need to show the date and time exactly the user enters this. So if a user enters 15/08/2015 in 13:45 it should be shown to all as 15/08/2015 in 13:45 to all users and guests. 

The field stores a birthdate and birth time of a child. It should not show 14/08/2015 to someone who is in another timezone. It should not be replaced by 16/08/2015 if the user and community time differ. The birthday is birthdate and is unchangeable. 😉 So is the time of birth. If you travel around the world, your birthdate, and time will not change in your papers depending on the timezone. It is firm.

I have checked all three timezone settings. And it seems I am unable to enter “unchangeable” date. Every setting modifies the date and time for me or for other users.

Question: would it be possible to display the date and time exactly as the user entered it in the field? No changes and corrections at all. Like a plain text. 

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