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14 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Have you increased the sensitivity in hCaptchas site itself? Also, do you have questions and answers in place? Unfortunately spam has indeed been somewhat of an issue lately

The IP ban on the 'people' who are trying to spam is currently doing a good job. It's banned about 15 others since I posted. But I'll look at hCapta settings too

Thanks Marc, as always. Top stuff.


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Just now, Owlsonline Admin said:

Annoying! But in a weird way, glad it's not just us!

If you have not already looked into it...  there is a 3rd party company called CleanTalk that has been a big help in reducing spam on my site as well.  

It's 12 bucks a year, and there are lots of ways of getting additional free time.  It's not perfect, but it catches a lot.  When combined with IPS anti-spam and hCaptcha, I only have 1-2 that get through a week with more than 400 attempts weekly.

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35 minutes ago, DawPi said:

Matt, it will be available for Cloud only customers? Also - free of charge or…? 

Best regards. 

Almost all functionality will be available to those with active licenses, certainly more than enough to combat the surge we've seen. We may add a little more algorithm-crunching stuff for cloud given access to AWS computing power and more room to swallow additional costs given cloud pricing. It's very much in progress, so we'll have news when everything has been completed.

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