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I am writing to report an issue regarding duplicated member posts in my Invision Community forum. I have attached a screenshot for reference.

Description of the Issue:

For some unknown reason, member posts in my forum are getting duplicated. It appears that when a member submits a post, it is being replicated and displayed multiple times within the same thread. This issue persists even after disabling all plugins, and I am currently using the Dufflaut theme.

System Information:

Invision Community Version: 4.7.10 , PHP Version: 8.1.18

Steps Taken:

I have attempted to troubleshoot the issue by disabling all plugins, but the duplication problem persists.

I am currently using the Dufflaut theme.

Please investigate this matter and provide guidance on how to resolve the duplicated member posts issue. Your prompt assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

If you require any additional information or access to my forum for troubleshooting purposes, please let me know, and I'll be glad to provide the necessary details.

Thank you for your attention and support.

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I have seen someone else report this also,. Could I ask, are you able to replicate this yourself?

I know you said you have disabled all 3rd party, but its not clear if the user is still testing or yourself there

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Thank you, dear Marc Stridgen, for your fast response. Actually, it's working fine for me when I test it on my end. However, members' posts are still getting duplicated. As I informed you, I have disabled all third-party plugins for a few days to see if it will fix the issue or not, but some member posts still get duplicated. 

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