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not possible to add new widgets in a three columns page template after a separator

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I am creating pages using a 3 columns page template. I've just learned that I cannot add new widgets in a three columns page template IF I add a separator.

I want to add some blocks of information, then a header with some info, and then AGAIN three columns... then a separator (header), and then again three columns 😞 I just can't see how 😞

It seems that the pages application is limited to the following:

  • a horizontal widget followed by
  • 3 columns, then followed again by
  • a horizontal widget

Why can't I add 3 columns again after the horizontal widget? It makes no sense, and it's very limiting 😞

How can I accomplish that? I want to create pages with certain information and I need headers and separators. That's easily done in Wordpress, it's something super simple, but the pages application seems to be restricted. See screenshot. The red X icons mark what I can't do once a WYSIWYG widget has been added to the button.

I want to create:

  1. header
  2. 3 columns, 2 rows
  3. header
  4. 3 columns, 2 rows
  5. header
  6. 3 columns, 2 rows

I can only create the first 3 steps.

Anyone can help?


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18 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

There isnt any method in which to do what you are looking at there. As mentioned above, you would need to manually build the page in order to do something like that


On 12/26/2022 at 3:08 PM, opentype said:

The Page Builder mode is simple by design. For more complex layouts, you would need the Manual Page mode. You can still add all your blocks there—just not with drag-and-drop.

Thanks a lot. Checked the manual approach and I just can't do that. Don't have the knowledge need 😞

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