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Daily or weekly digest email default settings

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40 minutes ago, opentype said:

The digest mails are controlled by the user. Not sure what kind of settings you expect for that. 

But we have controls for default email notifications for all users, which they can then customize from there. Why wouldn't there be default settings for digest as well?

Do they get digest emails by default, is it something they need to opt out of if they don't want it? I just want to make sure new users aren't getting a bunch of unwanted emails.

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55 minutes ago, andavis said:

Is there any option to mannualy opt-out all members from the newsletters?

In large communities trying to set up a newsletter reports the sender IP as spam and there is abuse problems with the server.

Newsletters (aka, Bulk Mail, as it is called in the ACP) are manually sent by administrators so if you do not want to send these than you could ignore that altogether. By "newsletters", did you mean something else?

If you meant the digest notifications, you would simply remove the ability for individuals to receive emails in their notifications in ACP -> Members -> Notifications. Just be sure to use the button to apply that to all users, otherwise, it will just apply to new users.

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