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possible bug/error - event container now has hard coded monthly view

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in the latest version of calendar (4.7.3)  $event->container()->url() appears to be hard coded to always use the '?view=month'  url no matter what the default calendar view is set to

in /sources/calendar/calendar.php the previous version had

public static $urlBase = 'app=calendar&module=calendar&controller=view&id=';

in the latest version it is set to

public static $urlBase = 'app=calendar&module=calendar&controller=view&view=month&id=';

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3 hours ago, Andy Millne said:

Yes this is intended. There is no container specific filtering on the overview page.

thanks for the reply Andy @Andy Millne

ok understand that working as above is fine and should be intended if you are indeed using the 'overview' as per the selected option

however if you are not using the 'overview' as the default selection, say you select the 'week view' as default then  every event will have a link that will  now send viewers to the 'month' page and the same for any calendars using  'day view'

which to someone using the week or day view as 'default' choice does bring in major usability issues along with seo  ones


Could you not add a 'if \IPS\Settings::i()->calendar_default_view== overview add the ?view=month ' and if not..

then leave the static url as generic so that the week, and day views choices as default are then respected and followed?




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