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Why are embedded internal links to replies so complex? Can't they be just one single link?

David N.

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I love that you can automatically embed internal links in the forum, however I find that when linking to a comment within a topic, the resulting card is way too complex to navigate. 

For example when I embed the following internal link which is a comment inside a topic:


That looks like this: 

Could contain: Person, Human, Text

What I get is this: 

Could contain: Text, Page, Person, Human

Which contains no less than 8 (!) different click zones, some of them linking to the same places, and others linking to seemingly random replies in the topic (actual comment I linked to, or first answer in the thread, last answer in the thread, profile of the comment I linked to, profile of the original user...??)

Could contain: Text, Word, Person, Human, File, Id Cards, Document

If I find it confusing, I'm sure 99.9% of my users can't make ANY sense of it at all - nor do I believe any of these numerous links are helpful. Instead, I'd like to get only one link, the one I posted (the actual comment I'm linking to), with only one title, so that it looks  like when I embed a link to a topic:

Could contain: Text, File, Scoreboard

If it is possible, then I would love to know how to do it, and if it isn't, then please move this to the features suggestions? Thanks!

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1 minute ago, Marc Stridgen said:

I have moved this to feature requests for you

Great, thank you. I wish I had more skill to start customizing the embedItem template but right now I wouldn't know what to do with it. Thanks anyway for pointing me in the right direction @opentype, I appreciate it.

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